FFXIStyle and FFXICartography

A lot of people who use Brandson’s Map Pack and UI can now find updated versions done by a person named Emiko! I don’t use the mods myself (too lazy), but I know this might be helpful to those who have used the mods or are interested in modding their icons and such.

Visiti the site here! https://emikoffxi.livejournal.com/

1 thought on “FFXIStyle and FFXICartography

  1. lol that music gets soooo annoying in merits on rdm. But it is quite funny when something is chasing you – I’ll agree :P You hit it on the nose with the horror movie comparison lol.

    Haven’t been able to check up on all the blogs I read for quite some time now. I finally get to check up, and everything’s different :O I like the new look though!

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