I scratched your back. Now kiss my feet!

You know what the Level Sync system is like? Its like a system where you scratch your friend’s backs and you expect them to scratch yours or kiss your feet. Me? I like the idea of them kissing my feet more, because I’m the supreme ruler and still have not forgone my plan of conquering Vana’diel one person at a time with my Cuteness +1 attack.

Well, ok, it doesn’t have to be taken that way, but it does help in my LS (theSyndicate) since a lot of us have jobs we want to level up but don’t really want to waste our time with other people. So sometimes we go out with four or five people and mess around, and it often ends up really well. Unless I happen to be leveling THF and then I feel like gouging my eyeballs out. I really admire Mekare for leveling THF, Reiokyu for MNK, and Orophen for RNG because I don’t think I could do those jobs. I actually went crazy for awhile because I wanted to do EVERYTHING. I wanted to heal, I wanted to debuff, I wanted to buff, etc. It was actually driving me crazy! So eventually I started to think of ways to take the mob off of Hiroshiko who was leveling WAR and NIN, but… then I stopped because I didn’t want to grieve anyone. Poor me, right?

Poor me indeed! I then decided to change to DRK and I went from :< to :Q very quickly. I seriously didn't expect to have so much fun playing DRK in a party, and Orophen was laughing at me on the phone when I started to complain about my DMG output vs. his SAM. He said I sounded like the very person I detested when I was first leveling BRD, and that he never thought I would get so competitive over my DoT numbers. I actually got flipping mad when I saw his WSes were 10 pts higher than mine! Do I plan to continue DRK? I'm not sure. I want to finish BLU first, and we're planning to do a level up party this upcoming weekend. I do know that I'm liking the idea of seeing my Taru wield a scythe and looking dark and evil instead of cute and cuddly. Plus, maybe it will give the boys in the LS more reason to fear me... PS: I think the DRK job is getting to me because I was willing to kill my boyfriend when he crossed me during the level up party last week. I won't even go into details the extent of what I did to try and get him killed in the party... <.<;

6 thoughts on “I scratched your back. Now kiss my feet!

  1. Lvl synch is fucking awesome D:!!!!!!!
    NOW i really want to pty with you, but apparently we play in different hours ; ;

    BTW. Do you need a Salvage group ? :D

  2. Hell yeah I could use a Salvage group. :o But I need to do one or two more ToAU missions before I can get access.

    Yah, when I do Level Sync you are in Dynamis or Sea. :<

  3. Woot! Another doink! update. Level Sync is so much fun. ^^ I don’t know why Meka hates WHM so much because she’s doing a good job. However, I agree with you Cala, I respect Oro, Reio, and Meka for leveling melee jobs because they are a lot tougher than the look. I really want to try syncing DNC with the BLUs to see how drain samba works again aspirable mobs. ^^

    PS: Poor Oro >.>;

  4. So you’ve written again lawl and hi again! =)

    Level sync is cool (like everyone said), but I’ve never thought about the “returning a favor” part.. LOL but that is so true, you then have to level with their n00b job :))