My little big planet is bigger than yours!

Goodness gracious. Besides passing the five year mark in Vana’diel, I have been quite busy with other things. Some good, some bad, and some quite expensive!


Oi. After doing Shadow Lord for Hiroshiko and Makai, Level Syncs, and making the attempt to attempt an Airship Battle run, I have found myself exhausted of FFXI for the time being. I WANT to do things such as level, but I just can’t get myself to do it. Instead I come on for short bursts to do Campaign, suicide myself, and do the whole process over and over again. I’m hoping to get more serious about it later, but right now I am just wanting to have some breathing room or maybe reconsider what jobs I want to level and such.


When not on FFXI, I am sometimes on here messing around with my Blood Elf Rogue on occasion. I don’t spend too much time here, but I have gotten a few levels since the last I play several months ago. Its kind of nice to just do something easy going like kill x, y, or z, get items, and then come back to do some other inane quest. It gets tiresome after awhile and I can’t do it for long periods of time, but I feel happy getting my fix and then going on my way. But with the release of the newest expansion, towns are now so f’ing EMPTY. Its like walking into a Ghost Town when you see places like Iron Forge, Org, etc just bare…


Besides the DS, I haven’t really been playing many console games Something here and there, but I’ve been hungering for a game or two that would just make me foam at the mouth when I played it. That came when my brother said he wanted to get the PS3. We agreed to split the costs and bought ourselves one and three games: Eternal Sonata, Little Big Planet, and Disgaea 3. OMG. Little Big Planet is drop dead cute, Eternal Sonata is a mix of watching an anime and playing one with a kinda fun battle system, and… my brother just likes to annoy me with Disgaea 3 music.

I am also thinking of putting FFXI on there, but I am not sure if I want to do it just now. On the other hand, it would be great to just game while in bed although it would be SO much damn better if FFXI had an integrated voice chat so I can just chat away with my headset versus having to take a keyboard around with me. *lazy* Still… now I’m attracted to sack people and want one of my own to hold and cherish. ;(

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