A round of levels here and there

Ignoring the fact that is a WoW screenshot, I’ve actually been busy in both games. More so in WoW than FFXI, but with partially good reason! In FFXI I’ve been mostly leveling as DNC with Orophen and we made it to 19 before taking a break watching Code Geass R2 and Nodame Cantabile live action drama. I highly recommend the later if you’re into Asian dramas or just watch the first episode! The facial expressions in some of the scenes are some of the most hilarious ones I’ve ever seen before!

I’m actually just waiting until we can all get together to party and help my brother level up. Its kind of aggravating waiting for everyone’s schedules to coincide with each other, but I guess that’s just the sort of thing that happens with a set. Hopefully it will happen this week, that’s why I’ve been kind of messing around in Azeroth more so to get the most out of the $30 I paid for 60 days of playtime.

I’m currently a 27 Shaman, and would have been higher if I wasn’t getting booted off the server so much or having to wait through queues. Its aggravating as hell that Misha is no longer a Low – Medium rate server, and I’m crossing my fingers that they will do another server migration to get the losers off. I hardly remember having to deal with so many beggars or lamers, which makes traveling to the major cities a pain in the ass when I need to get there.

At one point the lag was getting so ridiculous, I was literally screaming at my monitor when I started to lag out during one of the last Bloodmyst Isle quests. Unlike escort quests in FFXI, escort quests in WoW can be really annoying and a big pain in the ass. You can’t control the NPC and take your sweet time picking things off. You go at the pace of the NPC and make sure they don’t get too overwhelmed while you handle adds and help them out if they are getting overwhelmed. Ideally this should have been easy for me at level 26, but it wasn’t because I was lagging like crazy and couldn’t tell that my NPC had run off to who knows where and was getting the crap beat out of him. I even died once because I hardly realized I had so many damn Blood Elves on me beating me up to a pulp.

I guess, in a way, that’s why I really appreciate FFXI because I normally don’t get lag that bad unless I’m doing Campaign or Besieged. Both are easily avoidable and even then… Besieged hasn’t been bad as of late and Campaign can be remedied by avoiding heavily crowded areas.

… ouch. Speaking of Campaign, I guess I better get to doing that again since I’m pretty sure I lost yet ANOTHER badge… /facepalm

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