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I know I haven’t written in awhile. I have been pretty busy as of late, and often I do not have time to do much but game a little, exercise, and then crash. Couple that with a few illnesses here and there, and not really having much to blog about… and you have a dead doink!

Things have been sort of weird for me. For a time I rejoined FFXI and then recently quit again when I realized I lack time and drive to get the money I need to do things. Lame, I know. I also have been kind of on and off with WoW, but that’s a given since my questing tendencies ebbs and flows. Its easy for me to get exhausted from questing after doing it hardcore for awhile, and trying to get to a certain point on my toons.

I don’t suppose it helps any that I am just eagerly waiting for FFXIV. As much as I wanted to get back into FFXI, there were some things about the game that reminded me of why putting the game on hold was necessary. I think with where I am in my point in life, it will be hard for me to devote what I can without getting very frustrated that I can’t get past certain hurdles.

Eh, so what am I doing now? Kind of an assortment of things. Besides work (the obvious) and exercise (need to lose gained flub), I have been on and off with my romance with WoW, Sims3, and have finally gotten back into playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days before Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Ragnarok DS come out sometime next week. Also working on a new blog, that will be a collection of just random weird non-sense I decide to write about.

Yes, pretty boring. I worried for awhile if I was getting too old for gaming but I realize just time is a huge factor that has played into me not doing enough of it. Well, that and my resolution to also try and be a more intellectually competent person. But that is neither here nor now…

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  1. Picture is worth 1000 words! where is it ;D

    but nice to see it somewhat active miss calaera =) how about some ffxi screenies :D

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