WHM AF Body and the DS Lite


Lets face it. WHM AF looks ugly on most male models (unless you are a Taru and wear the condom AF hat). But on many girl models it looks absolutely adorable! I have wanted to wear this specific piece for a very long time, but never had the chance to level up. Either there were too few people, too many JP only seekers, or my body was yelling at me to stop messing around and just rest. Now all I need to do is reach 60, level up subjobs (ick), and then get back to leveling it to 75 and get sea for BLU.

Anyway, I got an early birthday present from Derrick: a DS Lite. The screen is really bright, the console is light weight, and the controls aren’t so bad. Will make playing rounds of Tetris DS much easier on my eyes and hands! If only I could show it off to Hiroshiko to make him drool in envy! Heh. Will have to wait till Sunday or Monday of next week, however, to get new games. Definitely getting Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All and possibly Pokemon Diamond. I know several theSyndicate members are betting on me buying it, because I made the ludicrous claim I was going to get it. I kind of sort of changed my mind, but I might just buy it so I can challenge my poor, helpless servants friends and younger brother at the game they are all excited for. Well, and because its near impossible to find a copy of Puzzle Quest around here… /sulk

7 thoughts on “WHM AF Body and the DS Lite

  1. You look sooo cute!! Congrats on getting to wear your whm AF also! ^^ I wanna lvl a mage job now so I can wear something cute… ~stares at the guy in a subligar~ that’s just creepy.

  2. Meeeeeeeeka~ I luv you!! ;-; You would look cool in about anything though. Even if you leveled up BRD, about the ONLY one between us that would look cool would be you. Those damn leg stocks are ewww!

  3. O.o ~drool~ in envy. ^^ Happy Belated Birthday. O.o; Meka! hello everyone ^^ this must be the popular spot to hang out now (unlike the popular table at lunch that I get left out of T-T) lol j/k ^^ congrats on you AF body ^^

  4. Hrm…congratulations on being able to wear the WHM gear ^_^;

    Ah subligar, that takes me back quite a ways.

    A belated happy birthday to you there. Congratulations on getting a DS lite ^_^

  5. hahaha I just helped a friend for WHM AF too :) gratz and DS lite wooot!

    Tetris WiFi go!

    Friends Code: 060025 412593

  6. o.o; Calaelen! Haha, I forgot you had quit FFXI and did a /sea all Cala to see if you were around. ;o; Tell Lellya I said Hi!