A helping hand

This morning Orophen and I decided to try to level NIN and BLM since they are both subjobs that we needed leveled before we could progress with our other jobs. We headed to Holaris Peak to get a scroll for him, and had went idle for awhile to attend to personal business. We came back just as a BCNM party was ejected from the circle, and waited awhile before tossing one of their members (I think maybe a NIN or something) a cure or two. Nothing bad, right? Well, until I got a slap by the RDM. No reason, except for his wanting to mess with us. It is probably one of the things I hate most about any given MMO: random, unwarranted actions by others who simply do it to get a rise out of the other person. Meh.

Anyway, proceeded to get a party for our duo and headed to Garliage Citadel. I told the party it had been years since I had leveled BLM so I was really rusty and would potentially suck while playing. The party didn’t go off to a great start, as we had aggro, half the party died, and I had forgotten all about Escape until Orophen asked me if I had the spell learned or not. Things only went downhill from there, as Orophen continually died mostly due to the level of monsters we were fighting. Beetles for a level 31 NIN Taru? Er, yeah.

After numerous deaths for mostly Orophen, the party disbanded and we left to get his RDM AF hat done. We were intending only to kill Miser Murphey, but soon after we killed it another RDM AF3 party was around and formed an alliance with us to kill Miser Murphey and the doll in the Citadel. Managed to get it done for all the three RDMs and went to San d’Oria happy that Orophen now has his RDM AF set completed.

On a final (FFXI) note, I just want to say thank you very much to Mekare for the Cure Clogs she has given to me a few days after my birthday. I swear I am spoiled rotten by her, but appreciate and cherish all the things she has given me. Heck, I still have a Cape +1 (amongst other things) Orophen gave me when I started playing the game on my Elvaan!

Also, in a little less than 2 hours I managed to get to level 216 on Tetris. I would have gotten further but I gave up and purposefully lost so I could uncross my eyes. o_O; My goal is to get a score of 99,999,999 some day and boost my WiFi ranking as well~

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