Head go boom!

Been sick as of late, and only popping on FFXI for a few minutes to chat before logging off to conk out and rest. As for Pokemon? Not even very far on that end since I have been resting on the ferry and during the other times I would normally be playing. And even then I will be taking a break so that Derrick can catch up and we can play together. Which, in the end, will give me the time to finish up Gyakuten Saiban 2 and give it back to my friend. Gaah. So much to play, and so little time! Just hoping I don’t end up with another round of sinusitis or bronchitis. Ick.

We are also planning to switch servers. If things are down for awhile, this is why. The server move should occur within the next few days – week, so please don’t freak out if mreh.net is suddenly down. We’re hoping that the server change will allow us to use wordpress mu, and decrease the amount of downtime we have had occurring for awhile.

3 thoughts on “Head go boom!

  1. ~puts Cala’s head back together~ I hope you feel better really soon and hopefully a break from everything will help =). I think I’m going to take a break from FFXI really soon too… camping and server resets are really irking me (I just wanna get that kukri ~cries~). Hope to talk to ya soon. ~huggles~

  2. Meka… ;o; I miss you… *huggles* Really sorry I wasn’t around last weekend, but I was pretty much asleep most of the time. Hope things are going alright on your end. D: How bad are the server resets?

  3. It’s ok ^.^ I wasn’t on much during the weekend either. Plus health should always be before a game, so no need to be sorry. Things are kinda boring and stressful on my end… pretty much finished the semester and going to start back on my internship for the summer next week… fun fun. I haven’t been kicked off or anything, but everytime the server resets, it also resets NM’s pop times… which hurts when you’re trying for a stupid bird with a 9-12 hour pop time ~cries again~.

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