Kirin: 0/1

Went to do sky gods for the very first time today. Killed Suzaku 2 or 3 times and then went to Kirin shortly after FinalRealm only to get aggro from Byakko while raising someone, getting MPKed by people not realizing they had the Gods on them, and Kirin casting Rasp on me while trying to Raise someone again. I did get to walk away with a Aquarian Abjuration: Legs, but it will probably go unused since there is no way I’m going to dish out 1.2 mil for Cursed Slacks. Lesson(s) learned today: get more EXP and make sure I’m far away from Kirin and his minions when I try to raise. ._.;

Oh yeah, Pokemon stole my shiny Chimchar. I is sad.

4 thoughts on “Kirin: 0/1

  1. The shinyness was no longer there. It reverted to a normal Chimchar when I took him out from the baby factor the Day Care center.

  2. It spits out eggs at about a rate of 1 per minute…at least in my case…it darn well is a baby factory ^_^;