Yin and Yang; Good and Bad?

Bad: While Orophen was leveling my NIN, he recharged my Empress Band and threw it away. Now not only did I lose the band I had since the experience points bands were introduced, but I can’t get a new one until the next conquest tally. So much for using it for BLU set this weekend…

Good: In exchange for the screw up he stayed up tonight to PL my NIN to 37. Now I am done with NIN. FOREVER. Hallelujah! ^-^ Orophen will be borrowing Mekare’s Emperor’s Pin for a quick round and then we’ll finally give it back to her. But now with that out of the way, I just need to get myself Utsu: Ni and start partying on my BRD, again. Right now? I need sleep. .(_ _.)Zzzz

3 thoughts on “Yin and Yang; Good and Bad?

  1. Time for another Die by the Sword run! A quick note… I just found out that some relatives are visiting for the weekend. I’m not sure how this is going to affect me, but it has the possibility to cut my play time during the weekend really short. I’ll probably be on late tonight (dyna-windy.. ugh), so i’ll try to fill you in on some of the details if you log on tonight. ttyl ^^

  2. Whoa- the way you edit your screenshots is amazing o_o;! they’re, like, worthy of being on the back of an FFXI box XD

    Nice blog, definitely going to bookmark eet! (‘-‘)

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