/wave Fenrir


In case you were wondering; No, I did not leave Ragnarok. Orophen, my best friend, and I have been talking about traversing to another server for a little fun, and I decided to do so out of boredom and part frustration. With all the jobs I am interested in being caught up in sets, Hiroshiko being in Japan (lucky bastard), Reiokyu being unable to say no to the peons who do not deserve his attention (really now… I’m the only one who deserves it!), and others having things to do, it just kinda sucks being at a loss to do. Plus, I’ve wanted to try out being a Mithra for awhile, and I thought it would be nice to do something totally different on a new server whenever the mood strikes me.

One thing for certain is, it sucks starting out basically the same way I did when NA PC launched way back when. No money or anything! My best friend has yet to make her character and Orophen? He’s Orophen. I started to level up THF out of boredom, and its not so bad given the updates to how Signet works and other stuff. I’m slowly saving up to buy new equipment pieces, and eventually axes for when I level up WAR.

Anyway, if you see me on Fenrir give me a /wave. My name is the same, I’m just not a Taru. Instead, I have breasts! :3

11 thoughts on “/wave Fenrir

  1. Ok, after remaking my character like a dozen times, I finally made a RDM named Camillia.

  2. I went out and killed some bunnies, worms, and fish yesterday… now i’m a lvl 2!!!!! rdm =P Think i got like 2 crystals and 3 rabbit skins, so i don’t see me as a multi-millionair anytime soon XD.