In which, the Minotaur was defeated


For all those who doubted, questioned, or even told us to get our butts in an alliance, I have for you a quote from one of my favorite video games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:


That aside, we had finished this run ahead of time because we didn’t know it would be so bloody easy to kill him off. We had gone in with the intention of doing a dry run and get people acquainted with our friend, and the next thing we knew we had killed the bloody bastard. More amazing is that we were pulled in earlier than we wanted, as I was still waiting for the one minute cool down after setting BLU spells.

The first run was completed with only five people (Hiroshiko – WHM/BLM, Makai – BLM/WHM, Mekare, Orophen, and myself) and the second run was finished shortly afterwards for a second time to include Reiokyu – NIN/WAR. This made our party of 6 complete and allowed me to go back and come back with the Bronze Key to finish the mission completely.

Seeing as this was a dry run, we had no medicines or drinks. We simply came in as we were, ate food, and used sneak oils were necessary. It was the easiest run ever, and it made me wonder why I had to suffer through going in with an alliance. My nightmare of going into it last time was spending hours getting lost trying to find the right library and one or two people dying during the Minotaur fight. No deaths at this fight, and getting lost? Never! At least not on Mekare’s watch!

Orophen noted that the highest recorded damage was done by me at about 195 on Jet Stream. This was done during our first run, and he went down relatively easy. Second run wasn’t as easy (he kept spamming Mow this time around), but we were still able to take him down and not suffer the same headaches I had to deal with when I first came here long ago.

Oh, and before I close with screenshots: Eba is a puntz. If she hadn’t killed Orophen and me, it is in my belief that she could have gone down by our party of four: Enkidou (THF) and the party of three BLU. We brought her down to 50% before licking the dust and watching as Mekare was able to take the last stand against her. <3 Mekare









6 thoughts on “In which, the Minotaur was defeated

  1. I would just like to say that we all did a great job and should be proud of ourselves =). If we keep up this pace, we all should have Sea access in no time ^^. I’m still trying to plan out the fights to come, so if anyone has suggestions or anything feel free to let me know.

  2. Hurray!!! I owe you three a lot (Cala, Meka, and Oro). You did an awesome job planning this mission and a great job guiding. Lol, I’m somewhat disappointed that the Minotaur didn’t put up more of a fight, but it’s fun to beat the system. I’m looking forward to the Mammets and I’m liking Meka’s plan of kiting and pulling one at a time. Thank you again.

  3. No problem, Hiro. Its nice getting it (the missions) done with friends, as it is always less stressful and more fun that way. Hopefully we can keep up this pace, but we’ll see how it goes. It will help a lot more *nudge nudge* if you and Makai could level up. :P

  4. Yeah it would help a lot of you two could lvl a bit. We have 2 more lvl 40 cap fights (mammets & diabolos), then we’ll be on level 50 cap fights for a bit. So leveling your main jobs to at least 50 with a good buffer should be priority if you don’t mind =^.^=

  5. <-<; Guess that means we ought to get to work on the level grind in a bit. I got Uppercut last night, and just need to work on more spells. T-T; We need to farm seals and stuff, too... in less than 20 more levels we're gonna need major dough in order to get the things we need. ;o;