Looking forward to August 1st

I’m not really back, yet, but I was able to spend a short time online to gather BLU spells and then skill up with Mekare. Because I’ve been spending most of my time working and taking care of my family, this had really been the first time in awhile that I was able to play and find it enjoyable. I do not hold resentment towards my family because of the situation we had found ourselves under, but I do have to admit it has been a very stressful and trying time for these past few weeks and I’m glad to have finally found a little time to relax and be at ease.

For awhile, I had been on with the intention of going AFK and just letting Orophen get my spells. We managed to get Blitzstrahl, Mysterious Light, and Awful Eye with the additional help of Mekare and I managed to finish some neglected assignments before focusing my attention on a duo’ed skill up session with Mekare in the ol’ tree. Before we headed there, she graciously used her pop item to get me Hornetneedle and make skill up a little more bearable with its low delay time. Thanks to her, I was able to get about 20 levels on my dagger and get about 15 levels away from Evisceration. Yeah, I know, I’m far behind on my weapon skills, but I never really had the need to use them until Orophen made the suggested several times to myself and then to Mekare.

In the next update, I’ll try to answer a few frequently asked questions regarding my screenshots, my computer set up, etc. Right now, I need to get back to reading a few books and doing more homework…

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