BLU Level 41-43 and other stuff

Level 41-42

We didn’t really get this level via normal means. We got this mainly through killing things for CoP missions in both the Aqueducts and in Riverne – Site #A01 by farming items such as keys, subligar, scales, and spells.


Level 42-43

Last Saturday, July 28, Mekare, Orophen, and I went on a short EXP session in Behemoth’s Dominion. Our target was primarily Lost Souls with the occasional Demonic Weapon tossed in there. This camp is really not for the faint of heart. It is easy to get into really deep trouble if you’re not careful! You need to be careful of pops, where you are camping, blood aggro, and most importantly – KEEP YOUR SHADOWS UP. There is also the fact you are trapped between undead, bats that are still capable of aggroing you, and a long run toward the exit. The good news? The undead are easy targets and its fun to see the damage numbers climb higher and higher as you go. Bludgeon, Jet Stream, and Smite of Rage are all very good spells to use against them. Bludgeon is capable of doing up to 200+ damage, and Jet Stream can take you as high as 300+. We had to take extra care not to engage scythe wielding undead, but there were times when a certain someone would blatantly ignore that rule of thumb anyway and attempt to melee them anyway. *cough*Orophen*cough*

Onto other news, the FAQ page has been added. There are only three questions on there, as I don’t get much more than those three. Orophen/Derrick will also be visiting at the end of August/early September, so we’ll be taking off for a few days to spend time together when that time comes. (^3^)☆Chu!

2 thoughts on “BLU Level 41-43 and other stuff

  1. Hey (‘-‘*) welcome back and congratulations on your blu achievements! (‘-‘)b Your blog really makes me want to level the job too :3 I’m sure I’d enjoy it a lot more if I had the opportunity to duo/trio with friends instead of having to explain nabs what’s a Skillchain etc