Diabolos and one huge puppy!


So, Diabolos. It wasn’t so bad, really. Sort of. It was a weird time, and I will try to go over it quickly since I need to go to bed really soon:

Run 1: Trial run with five people. We managed to take it down about 15% without any medicines at all. Could have gone further, but we didn’t. It was, after all, just a trial run.

Run 2: Brother was sick and we were trying some really messed up things to actually make it work. Me being semi-sick, too, however, put a wrench in things. I had to run up and down the stairs to get him doing things, and then eventually my brother was completely thrown out of the game when my father decided to restart that computer and use his computer for business purposes. Tried to get it to work by running two Windowers on my computer, but my computer is old and that plan failed. As did this run because of too many complications.

Run 3: Us BLU wanted to try a different tactic at the last minute, but it didn’t work out at all. Not only that but let me stress if I say jump: You jump. Nuff said. Even cursed like a sailor on Skype because I was so damned annoyed. ._.;

Run 4: This is where I want to kill my brother. After saying he didn’t want to go, causing me stress and grief, and then other problems to the party… the fucker logs on and decides to play his character. -_-; We win and break the record by 10 seconds.

Anyway, because I have been getting minimal online time as of late, I haven’t really gotten the chance to see the new mobs in Besieged. The other night? I finally got my chance. With that, I decided to take a new pet home with me that night.


Too bad I had to run away like a chicken because he decided he didn’t like me so much. :(

2 thoughts on “Diabolos and one huge puppy!

  1. Ah, seeing those pictures tells me that those things are large indeed. As we have both a taru taru standing away from the monster, and a hume standing point blank….and probably going to die soon for doing so?

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