The troubles of a little BRD

BLU set is on hold this weekend due to personal reasons with one of our set members. In the meantime, Orophen has been working diligently on my layout and is almost close to being perfected. Me? I caught up on sleep and finally felt ready to get over the hurdle I’ve been putting off for months now. Yes, I’m actually working on getting BRD to 75! Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t choke on your food just yet! I haven’t exactly made it to 75, but I’m about 20k EXP away from getting it! A huge step if you ask me.

It took me awhile to actually get a party, however, because not even 2,000 were on the server during the time I started to seek. Kind of a bummer, if you ask me. I remember when Saturdays would hold over 2,000 people by the time I logged on! Makes me wonder if S-E is ever going to consider merging servers to help with the dwindling populations on the servers.

The party itself was ok, but it didn’t help any that I lagged so much. My FPS was hovering at about 8 – 10, and sometimes I can’t tell if I was casting a song or not. It was so bad that I ended up dying at one point and getting close to death a few other times. I shudder to think what it would have been like if I had to have pulled in the Mire… ugh…

And while the Everybody Votes Channel is one of the lamest things ever, I can’t help but vote and share my data as of date:

Vote Count: 10
Prediction Record: 5 Wins 0 Losses
Prediction Accuracy: 100%
How Tuned in Are You? 300 points, Thought Dominated
Distance From Popular Opinion: 38m

Now if only they had something as silly and pointless to do on a daily basis for the DS. I’d have a more entertaining ferry ride, for sure.

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