BLU Level 25-27

Yes, this entry is long delayed, but I have been putting it off for a few reasons:

1. I thought my new layout would be ready. Its not, and that is why I am posting now.

2. I’ve been caught up in other things. Work is a large part of it, but I have also been sharing my time with a game known as Ragnarok Online. For those who don’t know me, I used to play this game before switching over to FFXI. I am only playing RO because, well, its mindless pointing and clicking. No having to worry about whether I have x, y, or z item or thing done, just go out and stab things to death. Sometimes, a girl just needs to stab things mindlessly for hours at a time.

3. Part of me didn’t feel like it. The lazy bug kicked in, sue me. It is why this entry will be rather short, as well.

At any rate, last Saturday we didn’t get very far due to the difficulty we had in finding a transition between Qufim Island and Yuhtunga Jungle. We had tried Bibiki Bay shortly after hitting 26, but that ended in an very awful way. IT+ bunny? Yeah, not such a wise decision. Not even Bludgeon could save our ass then. Trying desperately to find a place to camp, I had remembered the Korroloka Tunnel camp with the Greater Pugils and Clippers. It was going fine until level 27 when I started to feel sick again. I had been playing while my stomach was a mess, and that could have been why I wasn’t really into things in the first place.

We used no juices and, thankfully, had no real upgrades to mess around with during these levels. We are still using /NIN subjobs, which is a pain for me when attempting to solo monsters I shouldn’t be soloing. Trying to take on an Even Matched and Tough bat? Yeah. Not so pretty. We didn’t party Sunday and Monday (U.S. Holiday for myself and Mekare), due to other events going on. We did, however, manage to get some things done on Monday. Mainly dealing with Assault and killing off the ToAU shadow with two 75 THF and me as a BRD. But more on that later… hopefully.

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  1. :D Thanks. Orophen/Derrick designed it, because my photoshop skills aren’t as great. :o I’m just glad he found a way to incorporate what I’ve always wanted: a giant mandragora wrecking havoc on a city!