WoW, huh?

I have thought and debated this one for a very long time, and I decided to break down and give WoW a chance. I’m not tired of FFXI and I certainly don’t plan to give it up. So why bother trying WoW? Two things: curiosity and frustration with time available in regards to FFXI.

For a long time, I never really paid much attention to WoW. It didn’t necessarily appeal to me, and I kind of just shrugged it off. But then I would see Maiev‘s WoW posts and screenshots, and my curiosity kind of piqued. Then I saw this from Russta’s journal, and… well… I got more curious. The final kick? A few times in LS chat I’ve mentioned my desire to have been a Mithra. This is a slight mention here and there, but I never really made a solid complaint about it. Then on a whim I decided to just go with it and make a Mithra.

I still love my rolly-polly pigtailed Tarutaru, but there are times when I wish I was taller and looked cooler while dual wielding. I didn’t like the idea of changing .dats and I didn’t want to give up my beloved Tarutaru. So I went ahead and made a Mithra to satisfy my want of being a few feet taller. Then Orophen/Derrick smacked me back into reality. There is a huge problem with me making another character that I hadn’t thought of: time. I just don’t have the time to get one up and be able to do what I want, and realistically playing one hour a day? Doesn’t give me much time for anything. Weekends were out of the question because I reserve that time to do things with Orophen or the rest of my LS as Miss I’mGoingtoKillYouifYouDon’tDoAsICommand. So what does that leave me with? WoW, of course.

I’m at 75% now on my download and I’ve got two people joining me for a few days on WoW. I’m kind of excited, really. Its a change of pace and something different. Which I think is badly needed (even if its only during the 10 day trial) after having played FFXI for so long… Orophen has complained off and on of wanting to try something different for awhile, so its another incentive of doing this. I shut him up, I satisfy my curiosity, and I get to try out a different system for a few days. Win-win situation, eh?

7 thoughts on “WoW, huh?

  1. Yay for “Operation: To Shut Oro Up”!! Let me know when you guys are about to start. I think i’m ready to go other than a two hour update and finishing the registration process. I guess we’ll need to post what server and race to be, since i’m thinking there are many servers and no horde/alliance communication…. i could be wrong on the last part. ttyl ^^

  2. My trial is only for a few more days, but I think that after it runs out I’ll go get the full thing and just get WotG on December since it won’t be too far from the release date.

    Orophen and I agreed to start out as Night Elf, and go onto the Misha server. When we get the game, however, I REALLY want to be a Blood Elf. :o

  3. O.o I was holding back to comment :o But you know what, FFXI and WoW are compared a lot, so lets put it this way, at least give it a good try and see if this game are good for you :)

  4. I played around some last night and now i’m a lvl 6 druid XD. I think i’ve already made someone angry too since i was reading up on things and inadvertenly ignored someone… they started following me around and killed my targets for a bit. It was mildly annoying.
    Oh, what are your character names? I found out how to search for names but didn’t know what to search for =P. ttyl =^.^=

  5. Maiev: So far I like WoW but not to the same extent as I love FFXI. Probably the aspects of FFXI I like the most are the questing and the environment. The ground looks a lot better than it does in FFXI for sure. But I still like how FFXI male models look better, and a lot of other things.

    Mekare: Reiokyu sent our names to you via POL message. I haven’t really played on my Night Elf, but played a bit on my Human and am a level 5 or 6 Rogue. I’ll try to be on sometime tonight when I feel a little better.