Found this on my Livejournal friend’s list and thought it would be fun to post on doink! The rest of this entry will be placed behind a cut, however, to shield those who may not be interested in it:

[Give your main character’s name, race, gender, and nationality.]
Calaera, Tarutaru Female, Windurstian

[Now where did you come up with such a silly name like that?]
My first character, Calmarawyn, was founded by an Elven generator name list. I decided to use the same list to create the name for Calaera and came up with the meaning of Faith Song/Singer. A name I thought fitting since I really wanted to level up both WHM and BRD.

[What is it that you do in FFXI? What do you consider your main job?]
BRD is what I consider to be my main job. I’m not exceptional, but at least I could say that I was able to successfully main heal a party in my 50s with a party of five?

[Do you wish to do something else? Is there another job class you want to work on or have been working on?]
BLU and WHM are my pet projects. I’m trying to work on them as much as I can, but time and health constraints always tend to get in the way of that. I’d like to become BLU 75 more than WHM, but I’d still like to take up WHM just to have another support class under my belt.

[Where in Vana’diel can the average schmuck usually find you?]
Typically in Windurst Woods or in Aht Urghan.

[Ever thought of taking up a trade (crafting skill?) or have you taken up a trade? If so, what?]
I have taken Cooking up to the 50s, but really want to take up something like Clothcraft or Woodworking to 100. I want to either be able to synth my own clothes or make arrows for my boyfriend, but I hardly have the time or money to work on either. Let alone the patience.

[Also if so… what, do you like pissing away well earned money?]
Anything that is cheap! Either that or an over abundance of medicines that are sold cheap so that I can stock up on them for later. I hate having to go to the AH to get them on the day I need them, because the chances are high that the stocks will be low for the items I REALLY, REALLY need.

[Got a clever ‘get rich’ scheme you’d like to share?]
I plan to sleep with Reiokyu, have his child, and then get half of his money. Either that or pull a ‘Hagun plz’ on people. ^_~

[You know you have things you want. Probably more things than we wanna know, but what are the first three things on your “Must Get To Make Myself Ubar” Wish List.]

#1. Noble’s Tunic
#2. Sha’ir Manteel
#3. Uh… I can’t think of the last one. o.o;

[Now of the stuff you do have, what would make your top 5, desert island, items you ABSOLUTELY need to have on you in FFXI at all times.]
#1. Elemental Staves
#2. Gala Corsage (the one that Orophen gave me and the one Mekare had signed on her Elvaan)
#3. The signed Love Chocolate by Orophen
#4. Qirin’s Hood
#5. Warp Club

[Levels disregarded, who would be in your ultimate set XP party? (You must be in this party, don’t be a sadsack with no self-esteem)]
All the Tarutaru on Smurfs. CAUSE WE TARUTARU DON’T GET LOVE.

— Really, did you need to ask?

[Who would you like to see Fafnir (or the NM of your choice) just destroy?]
There is a certain LS and Mithra stalking Tarutaru I’d really like to see eaten up, and that’s all I’m going to say.

[(|Hello!) (|Nice to meet you.|) Got a handy auto-translate title you like to call yourself?]
(|Impossible to gauge|) (|Tarutaru|) (|Princess|)

[What’s the most loverliest place in Vana’diel, in your most humble opinion.]
Lufaise Meadows

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