Back to the Future III

I’m probably showing a little age by referencing such an older movie here, but it was what came to mind at first so I’m rolling with it! If you’re familiar with the movie (i.e. you’re old enough to have been alive when the movie was released in 1990), then you would know the basic premise of the movie. Basically, I got a great big push from my lovely “second” boyfriend and found myself, well… I think the picture says is better than I could:


So, yeah. To be honest, I found that just being in the past was enjoyable. Ok, the transportation sucks (well, not so much when I can Mazurka my way around!) but I found myself in awe of how the landscapes have changed since the war and being very much excited at meeting well known NPCs in the present in the past.


At the same time, I couldn’t help but almost shed a tear when I saw how destroyed Windurst was. Granted I started off my FFXI career as a San d’Orian, I’m a Windurstian at heart and felt so utterly torn when I saw how messed up Windurst was. Seeing Yagudo block certain exits was also shocking and frustrating at the same time; I sorely wanted to show them a thing or two… until I /checked them and felt my womanhood just shrink back. As much as I would like to put the smack down on them, its a tad hard to do so when you’re a BRD who has only elemental staves in her weaponry line up.


I have only hit the surface of WotG (have not tried out Campaign, did not get Scholar, and have only viewed a few zones), but I am excited. Heck, I’m even amused at some of the cross referencing I’ve seen in the first CS!


I know a lot of people are disappointed in this expansion, but a lot of small things simply delighted me. I suppose another reason why I’m not so “ehhhhh” about the whole thing is because I haven’t really read much about it. I’ve gone into things rather blindly, and am delighted to find little treasures on my own. Ok, I get some help from my friends, but I’m still surprised to see something as little as flowers in a familiar area where flowers weren’t present before. I’m still hoping to scratch more of the surface this month, or post about how my EXP adventures go as Mekare, Orophen, and I attempt to EXP party our BLUs in the new areas! ^_^v

11 thoughts on “Back to the Future III

  1. I really enjoyed the CS into the past… the story is nice and seeing stuff in the past is kinda cool. But… gameplay is what keeps ppl playing imo :o

    Nice break from WoW exping though hehe.

  2. I was already getting worn out of WoW grinding. Maybe because I started over so many characters and had to start out from scratch a few times. ;o; First Priest then Paladin and now Rogue. I’m liking Rogue most of all though, because I don’t have to spazz out trying to heal someone. ._.;

  3. I will have your Vellum prepared and sent off on one of my mules tonight to pick up whenever it may be convenient for you. Just been dealing with a hectic work schedule for the past few days so I have not been entirely… “there” when on FFXI. Was actually buried in books about refrigeration techniques and whatnot due to that is what my next project at work here may involve.

    On hindsight…I should of told you that the Maw’s basically eat you the first time. ^_^;

  4. LOL… I got the reference and I was probably just born when the movie came out. O.o; I’m really excited for the expansion even though I had kinda put off getting it (since I’m still not 75 – won’t go into that T-T). If Makai agrees I might try to buy it so we can explore and get the new jobs. ^^ Hope you’re feeling better btw.

  5. Reio: What is the Vellum for again? And yeah! You should have told me about the Maws! But I was also really happy and surprised. I was hoping they would, and was glad that they did! I know, I’m twisted.

    Hiro: o.o; I thought you already got it from the way my brother was talking… my bad. ; Go get it for you and him, so that we can go traverse into time and make a Tarutaru dancing troupe!

  6. Vellum is that stuff that I told Reio to make for you before he left that day (apparently he didn’t ignore me lol ^^). You need 12 of them to unlock Scholar!

    Oh, and Hiro… WoTG isn’t like ToAU. It’s actually friendly to “lower” lvls (well, some zones anyway). It seems like it’s opening new area’s for lvling. Like the areas right outside of the main cities have the same lvl range as Valkurm Desert. I lvled my RDM from 13 to 17 with 4 other people in a few hours.

    I wanna join the dancing troupe too ; ;. I can be the tall Taru with a tail =^.^=

  7. O.o; really… that makes me want to get it even more. Woot.. Tarutaru + Mithra + Elvaan? dancing troupe ftw. ^^v

  8. :3 Meka, you should know by now you are the unofficial Taru in our group. We know you’re a Taru at heart and we <3 you too much not to let you in. At least you don't stick out like a sore thumb like a *cough*dhalmel*cough*. ;)

  9. YAY!!! ~tries an adorable Taru dance~ Hopefully I don’t attract too many pervs XD.

    We should make Reio put on a subby and harness and make him lvl dancer. ~grabs a camera and some pop corn~.

  10. Sorry to burst the bubble, but I have already reached the point of not having to wear subby’s and such on dancer. ^_^;

    Sorry to stick out like a sore thumb. ^_^;