So, sooner or later, a gamer who isn’t rolling around in the moo-lah will eventually run into the same problem I’m going to run into for the month of December: slimming of funds. Things would be perfectly fine if it weren’t for the following: me (still) trying to get the new laptop, my physiotheraphy appointments (once a week for $30 a session), and then Christmas. I’m not even including the other bills into the picture, because I’m sure that is a dead given at this point. So, I’m pretty much going to have to put things aside for a month and try to hope for the next year.

I’m just thankful someone has decided to be super kind to me and basically toss me a bone, despite me joking about it. Just because I was joking, doesn’t mean I’m not grateful (because I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY am) and am looking forward to getting an early Christmas present this year. ;)

Oh yes, and before anyone thinks they can beat someone at Wii Boxing because they are a girl, then you have another thing coming! This recent Thanksgiving I KO’ed not just 1 but 5 guys! They all demanded rematches because I was the champion boxer of the night! Keke. I was laughing so hard because it took most of the guys two – three rounds to take each other out, but I would knock them dead in less than a minute. The only one who came close to defeating me was my father. How? Because he made me laugh by being silly, and I couldn’t keep my head up to focus on the screen. But! In the end, I defeated him, too! Too bad he can kick my ass harder in real life, than I could to him in a video game. /cry

6 thoughts on “Bah!

  1. Do I get a Christmas present too? :D

    Oh btw, howz WoW leveling xD You shuold be 70 by now since WoW to FFXI players is like… easy mode ^^

  2. You get… my hits for your page! :3

    ;o; Not 70 yet cause lately I’ve been out of the house and being thrown into the holiday shopping mess. I really like what I see from instances though, and I wish Assaults were more like them. ;x

  3. me2… the assault in ffxi is horribly implemented. Its a easy fix. Allow mobs to give exp and everything would have been fine xD, but I guess SE dont want everyone to level in Instances, but to see other people around ^_^

  4. The Physiotheraphy is for my wrists and finger problems. However, according to my therapist, a lot of the problems have stemmed from my lymphatic system… which kind of makes sense, because over the years I’ve had a lot more problems with my asthma, sinus infections, bronchitis, etc.

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