On FFXI today, I was talking about creating a pair of Gnome mages for the fun of it. Orophen was wanting to try it out after watching several WoW videos, and I just thought it might be a fun thing to do. Midgets, after all, seem to have much fun than their taller brethren. We weren’t able to start this right away, so we leveled up DNC and SAM until the log in server was restored and made our stumpy little characters. I’ve got to admit its pretty much like playing Tarutaru but not as cute and kind of… weird looking. Anyway, I had a few moments of fun and then my friends started talking about Alliance and stuff…

Out of the three of us, I think I’m the only one that is more interested in the Horde than Alliance. Its nothing bad, but I kind of feel alone when people talk about their alliance characters and I go… “Huh?”

So, again, I decide to give the good guys a chance and made myself a horned something-something. Sue me, I can’t remember their names. I just know that they are tall and have a very thick accent. It was sort of my only choice, seeing as though I couldn’t stand leveling a Night Elf, Humans are really ugly (sorry to those who do play WoW and play Humans), and Gnomes are… Gnomes. The only drawback? No Rogue class, but I do get to choose from an assortment of… mage classes. Woo hoo?

So far I’ve tried out Mage and Shaman. Shaman is alright, and Mage comes close to a second. Both classes are much better than the alternatives I have on this race, which again makes me thankful that I don’t have to deal with this kind of bullshit on FFXI. I think I’d go batty if the ONLY job I had available to me on Tarutaru were mage jobs. Ick.

Moving away from WoW, I’ve been Mario Partying it up for awhile. Mostly on the DS and mostly losing either to the PC, my kuya (Filipino for older brother; in this case, I’m using it for a Filipino male friend who is just older than I am), or my younger sister. It is frustrating as heck, and the only consolation I have is being able to roast everyone in a particular mini game or two. My sister has also badgered me and my brother enough to play Mario Party with her on the Wii. Sadly, I found that during this time our Wii was making really weird noises when reading the discs. It was MUCH louder than normal, and I started to wonder if I needed the poor thing to get checked out. But then I got lazy and forgot all about it when I started to hack up a lung… or two.

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