1 cat 50 MSK! You buy cat?

So, before I lay down to rest (bronchitis sucks, yo), I thought I post a great WoW video. Even if you hate on WoW, watch it because you don’t need to know much about WoW to really figure it out and enjoy the movie!

Ok, flying mounts = animals that fly you around. WoW’s answer to FFXI’s airship.

3 thoughts on “1 cat 50 MSK! You buy cat?

  1. Just wanted to wish you a merry (early) Christmas since I’ll be gone for about a week. Same to Orophen, Mekare, Reiokyu, Makai, and the others. ^^

  2. HAHAHA that’s hilarious, its the same series that I saw but these are pretty funny :3

    Oh yea Merry Christmas ;) (an early one) xD