Year in Review 2007 Edition

After shortly logging on FFXI only to have dinner and have an upsetting conversation at the dinner table, I decided to log off and did the following: play 40 minutes of DDR, think, think, and think a lot more. I’ll be up front about this: 2007 totally sucked for me. But this is a new year and a new chance for me to start anew. However, while I did all that thinking, I knew I didn’t want to start off my new year with a bitter taste in my mouth of all the things that went wrong last year. So, as a blogger and such, I thought what better way of trying to refocus my thoughts and such by writing the top five positive things that happened? They will, of course, be gaming/technology related since this is primarily my gaming blog. Doh. Anyway, here are my top 5 recaps for 2007:

#1 Getting BRD to 75.
I have been playing this game since NA PC release, started with an Elvaan WHM and then BRD, and restarted to finish up my goal as a Tarutaru BRD. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my good friends: Mekare, Orophen, Aenslade, Reiokyu, Guster, Chakura, and Kiln. These guys really helped me in ways that no one else has, and if it weren’t for them I doubt I would have still been playing for as long as I have. I still laugh remembering getting lost in Oztroja with Chakura, Kiln calling Chakura a wuss when she was a WHM escorting us, and how Mekare and I tormented Reiokyu when he first joined us on the Ragnarok server. I am also glad Guster helped become part of our 5 man Promyvion Holla win (we started with 6, but one had to log out after awhile), and Orophen is just… Orophen. I know I hate on him a lot, but I’m nothing without the guy.

#2 Starting the BLU set.
Despite running into several snags (mostly because of me), the BLU set is fun and AMAZING. We’ve proved several people wrong by doing what they believed to be impossible in terms of CoP missions, and hope to continue that when I’m not withering around in agony with wrist and other health problems.

#3 Making new friends!
Although it happened late 2007, I am still glad I was able to make some friends both online and IRL. I also strengthened some relationships, and it makes me feel really great inside considering I don’t always have the time to come online. Its nice knowing that despite my absence I’m still missed and hardly forgotten when I do come back. This is important, because its one of the reasons I’m able to keep coming back time and time again.

#4 More Gaming Than Ever!
Believe it or not, I did a lot more gaming during 2007 than I had in recent years. I became a Tetris fiend for awhile, I became heavily engrossed in the world of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, I dabbled in Pokemon Diamond, I cooked it up with Cooking Mama, I performed surgeries with Trauma Center, I hacked and slashed in the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, I boxed it out on Wii Sports, made friends with Viera on FFXII, did a toxic dance with the Blood Elves on WoW, and even had a chance to prove how much rhythm I DON’T have by playing Ouendan 2. There are probably much more to add to the list, but that’s what I could remember so far. Most of the games were on the DS, followed by the Wii, and then the PS2. For 2008 I already have three games (Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations) on my list to play and finish, and possibly a fourth if I can ever get myself to sit through Final Fantasy Tactics…

#5 Had a brief taste of FFXI end game!
I’m probably the few out there who doesn’t participate in the end game scene, despite having wishes to do so. With things such as homework (and after I get my certification, I’ll be doing MORE studying for graduate school), long commute times, religious obligations, and health concerns? Trying to find an LS that meets my special needs is a damn hard thing to do. So, it was with much surprise that I was able to be invited to a Sky LS that did weekly events on weekends! And NOT on times when I had religious obligations! Woo! I was psyched. Granted I only attended one or two events, it was really cool while it lasted. I am not optimistic that will happen again, but at least I can go away happy knowing I did it at least once or twice during my gaming career! I still have an Abj. they tossed me, but since I’m poor… I just get to keep it as a memento of that day.

If anyone happens to read this, feel free to post or comment on our Top 5 things of 2007! The more the merrier!

4 thoughts on “Year in Review 2007 Edition

  1. I like your #4 and #5! I don’t get why everyone on earth don’t play game, cuz its just so fun! hehe :)

    What about this year’s resolution, even more gaming? :D

  2. More gaming, yes! But it will probably be tied with more fitness, since I want to get back into shape for 2008 (I slacked off on it 2007). Also more hand held gaming since its easier to bring along on a bus or ferry… ;o; Its also easier on my wrists and fingers, too.

  3. eh thinking of the top 5 things in gaming is difficult for me. Probably because I’m not entirely that huge on gaming lately >_> But you asked me to do it. :p So I guess they would have to be:

    1. Bejewled: I found a place online where I could play Bejewled 2 without annoying required internet explorer. :p It was the BEST EVER.

    2. Refocusing on RNG: Having goals kinda makes FFXI more enjoyable Plus it forces me to do what I was too lazy to do. Get RNG to 75 in ffxi. :p

    3. Discovering WoW: Wow was a lot more fun than I thought it’d be. It ended up giving me some inspiration for that rpg project I’d put off for a while too.

    4. Blu Set: the Blu set was fun for me too. It was nice having us roll out with out little squad and everything and accomplish stuff. It’s one of the few things I was really proud of.

    5. Pokemon Pearl: Pokemon was fun while it lasted. At least until the DS got broken.

  4. haha woo I’m glad I was able to be included in #1 lol. I still remember that, I think I have screenshots on my old pc from that promy run. Well hopefully we’ll have even more fun in FFXI this year.