BLU Level 48-50 and PLAY!

Our camp for this level is one of my favorite camps in this level range: Garlaige Citadel. I have partied here both as BRD and WHM, and I’ve found it a nice little area despite some of its annoyances. We’ll probably be here for awhile, since the EXP is still pretty good and we can probably move onto Chamber Beetles now that we’re level 50. From 48-50 our main target focus has been the Funnel Bats since we can actually chain them and not waste 400+ MP on a single mob (the Chamber Beetles). However, there aren’t many spells that can lead to really high damage numbers on these mobs unless you skill chain off of them. Then again, we’re all /nin and I’m sure things would be different if we were in a different party set up.

Sadly, as we were down in the Citadel, I found that we weren’t really on top of all of our spells. It is probably my fault, since I am rusty and haven’t really bothered to check my check list in awhile. However, since we are now at 50, I’ll probably be arranging to get caught up on our spells and then a continuation of CoP runs for the near future. I am very excited, however, as it means we are getting closer to getting to our base goal: getting BLU to 60 and wear BLU AF. At the moment I’m keeping that single goal in mind, because there are so many other things that are stressing the hell out of me at the moment. One step at a time! Once we get to that goal, I’m sure we’ll aim for 75 and Sea access… but getting to 60 is already a lot for me to chew on at the moment.

This is also advance notice to my friends that on Saturday, January 26, my siblings and I will be attending a concert at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall. The concert is known as PLAY! A video game symphony. Arnie Roth will be the conductor and is known to have conducted at the Dear Friends and More Friends concert for S-E. From the video clips I’ve seen of the guy, he seems pretty cool. I really enjoy listening to video game music, so this is going to be a special treat for me and my siblings who also enjoy the same thing.

Speaking of which, my brother (Makai on FFXI) found this clip when searching stuff on marching bands. He’s in the marching band at our local high school and we thought this was really cool:

Can you name ALL the video game themes they play!? :3

3 thoughts on “BLU Level 48-50 and PLAY!

  1. Wheeeee BLU^^! It’s so awesome!
    When I’ll get my PLD around your lvl and I see you online we could party up!
    Tawu power ♥

    GL on your new job :)