The last to arrive, is the last one to stand.


After an hour and a half (or was it more?) of waiting for my brother to wake up and NOT kill me, we managed to continue where we left off on Saturday with our CoP 4-2 run and Refueling acquisition party. On Saturday, 2/3 of the BLU managed to get our spell while getting a little distracted watching an end game LS attempt to take down one of the popped NMs in Riverne. With limited time on our hands, we decided to wait until Monday, Jan. 21, when everyone would be home on a national holiday. Most of us were there on time or earlier, and the only one who wasn’t? My brother who nearly TKD’ed my face after several attempts of waking him up. Thankfully I have a laptop, and was able to prep him up, log him on, and take him to where we needed to go before he finally woke up and decided to join us.

Unlike Saturday, we had an easier time getting a scale, getting Refueling for our friend, and then got up to our destination: the Monarch Linn! Our first plan was to do a trial run, but after having gotten a butt load of Mist Melts, medicines, and not a lot of time… we decided to do whatever we could to get it run on our first try. Our setup was different than when we decided to visit the dragon for the fun of it, in that we replaced the NIN for a PLD. Our jobs from here on out should be: BLUx3, WHM, BLM, and PLD.

The fight was more intense than I thought it would be, and I actually felt a little stressed out because it seemed like the guy would never go down. And then after awhile my worst fears started to come true: we started to drop. First it was Reiokyu (PLD) and then Hiroshiko (WHM). Soon after Mekare fell and I knew I would fall soon after. We were getting so close to killing him off when, right at the hind legs of Ouryu, my brother is WALKING (yes, walking) after two-houring and using Freeze to kill the guy off and letting us win the battle! I died during the CS, but it was so damn awesome to have won the fight and move onto the next mission for CoP.


We got started on 4-3 and poked around Sacrarium without Orophen, since his computer was overheating and needed it to cool off for a bit. The five of us headed off and managed to kill of Keremet, but only after I stabbed Hiroshiko to death for not sleeping me like a good little monkey boy should. We also went and killed off a few Fomors, and ended up having to curse out the RNG Fomor despite joking around with my friends that we should kill it off to make fun of Orophen later on. The joke was on me, however, when the RNG Fomor reduced my TP to 0 after attempting to execute a solo skillchain. ._.; Bastard RNG… /toss Orophen


6 thoughts on “The last to arrive, is the last one to stand.

  1. Congrats again to all of us for our excellent win! ^^ I was so excited that we won so easily. I guess Makai is useful after all(even if he does enjoy is sleep too much. :P) Too bad Ouryu crushed Reiokyu and me after blowing away my RR, but I’m looking forward to our next mission. ^^

  2. I am looking forward to proceeding in CoP myself. I’ just hoping that we are able to go either as we are or in another set up if needed. Sea access? Yes, please!

  3. I think we did a great job and everyone should be proud of themselves. Most people that I talked to about the fight had done it with multiple blms, so it is a great accomplishment that we were able to melee it to death for the most part =). Plus killing Keremet with 5 people was awesome ^^. He’s been known to give alliances trouble. Oh, I got the coral key during a swift belt run (along with a swift belt =^.^=), so we should be ready to go for the next CoP mission.

  4. Hrm, guess I should stop by those areas and kill beastmen to reduce hate at some point in time. Perhaps while farming bugards for more high quality staff straps to hopefully make.

    As a tank that Ouryu fight was a nightmare though. ^_^; All in all though it was a fun time. Glad we could get the Keremet key taken care of as well.

  5. Mekare, I was really happy, too. According to Erecia’s CoP guide, if we were able to get as far as we did on the Savage with BLU… we should easily be able to complete CoP with our current setup. The only thing is that we have to level our jobs. :P Grats on the Swift Belt though! I want one for myself, too. ;o;

    Reiokyu, take me along when you kill beastmen! I am too slow and it takes me forever and a day to kill off beastmen. By the time I’m done, I think I would have peeled my skin off.

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