Male Mithras go RAWR!

First of all, an apology. My computer ate my screenshots. ._.; I had taken so many (including one where I saw Jowah and waved at her while wearing starter RSE), but I can’t find them anywhere! But! I do have a lot to write about! I just hope that I can remember all of it…

I was kind of surprised no one on my LJ community had posted anything about this, but there is a new quest with either a male or very male-ish looking female Mithra in one of the CSes! Judging from this image, it seems more like a man than a manish looking female. I’ve done most of the quest, but haven’t finished it to its completion, yet. Totally excited to see more of that character, and to figure out who the heck they are. Especially our old friend Mr. Bandages, but I guess that won’t be for awhile…

Anyway, last weekend, we tried out two new ENMs: Test Your Mite and Bugard in the Clouds. The first one was five manned (brother didn’t want to come on to help out), and went smoothly despite being drained for MP in the end. We didn’t get much out of it but a Geist Earring, but its not like there is much else from there that we could get except delicious EXP for our BLU. Bugard in the Clouds was very interesting and approached with three BLU. We were wanting to test run this ENM, and weren’t really expecting to win at all. Did we? Sadly, we managed to get it down to a sliver before wiping. Our tactic was kind of unique in that I had assigned people different roles because of the way that this ENM plays out.

I had basically assigned Orophen with equipping and using Physical skills, Mekare with Magic based skills, and I assigned myself with the task of Enfeebling and doing a little of both. I even got to use spells I normally wouldn’t get to use in a party situation, so it was a LOT of fun and totally exciting. It is very prone to all the BLU spells that induce Bind or Gravity, and it was hilarious seeing it walk in slow motion while Orophen and I ran around the arena!

We’re about level 53 now, and will be trying to get 54 in a variety of ways this upcoming weekend to try and move further along in our level acquisition and hopefully make up for lost on Sunday. I don’t even remember much of Sunday, simply because it was a tiring day with the loss of one hour’s worth of sleep. Heck, my body is still trying to adjust… albeit a little poorly. I’m also sick, so I am deeply sorry to anyone I may have offended earlier when I logged on and then out again earlier. m(_ _)m

6 thoughts on “Male Mithras go RAWR!

  1. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ; ; wanted to see that screenshot! >.< But did you loose ALL of them? x.x Lawl ; ; hope not!


  2. Wow o_o I havnt done the new windy quest yet >.< how is this not all over the net?!

    Better luck with the ENM and drops next time :D

  3. @jowah I lost all screenshots from Saturday – Tuesday. :( I am so sad… I had pictures of spell shots for what we used for Bugard in the Clouds and then some. T_T But omg! I’M WEARING LACY PANTIES!? :o Jowah was peeping!

    @mill There is another thing that I’m VERY surprised isn’t out all over the net. Either people are slow or don’t care. I’ll post that other tidbit later today if I can get to it.

  4. I think it is a delayed fangirl response. They are trying to build up the momentum to all squeal in unison. I think I drove someone to suddenly buy the expansion upon exposure to that pic.


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