Super short cut in Batallia Downs, Gustaberg, AND the Citadel

Long title for something relatively simple. Last night, Reiokyu mentioned a shortcut from one of the game’s most annoying places to reach. You would either need to traverse one or two zones or bring a party to stand on the levers with you to get to these hard to reach areas. S-E ninja’ed a solution to this in the last update! So how to you activate the shortcuts?

First, start in the past. Wander around to where those hard to reach places would be. In that area, scan the area for both a shiny spot (its a graphical shiny) and a Lycopodium. Talk to the Lycopodium, and the scent of flowers will be ingrained in your mind… or something to that effect. Next, make sure you have a stock supply of Asphodel because that will be the only way for you to access the shortcut! When you are done, go back to the present and close to the same location where you found the shiny spot in the past. Trade the flower to the shiny spot and viola! You are now transferred to the hard to reach location! Thanks to Reiokyu for walking me there and giving me flowers! <3 We only found the ones in Batallia Downs, but I will be sure to post exact locations later when I can get to it.