The War Rages On

Okay, spoiler screenshots and details are behind the cut. Want to read more? Well, you know what to do…


Every dramatic fight ends with a kiss!

If I could sum up what going through the latest quests are like, it would have to be: “Wow.” I know a lot of people shit on WotG, and I know not a LOT of stuff was implemented… but the things that were implemented really blew my mind away. Anyone who has been talking to my personally knows that I have had a growing bitterness at being a support class in Campaign and non-exp party situations. I know, its my fault for loving support class jobs, but many cut scenes and missions put this heavy duty emphasis on kicking ass and taking names. They don’t say it explicitly, but it is implied when lo and behold you hardly ever see many support job characters in the fray. So it was to my delighted surprise that a slight mention was made of Tarutaru and support in the latest Windurst Crystal War Quest. Ok, sure, the script was kind of cheesy, but it actually made me excited to see such an exchange going on. Though just for the record? I don’t ever plan to get in Robel-Akbel’s way. Ever. His actions still has me shuddering in fear over his ruthlessness.

Needless to say, I was a little less bitter about wandering around Campaign battles as a WHM and BRD as I had been in the past. It also helped, I suppose, that Campaign was adjusted and the need for more cooperation to succeed has risen. It took me a few days to accept this, however, but it made Campaign a lot more fun in the end. Jugner especially is a hot spot and is as intense as Besieged was before the addition of all those medicines. Seeing a mass of dead is crazy and almost overwhelming, but it was cool getting a wave or bow from people after a battle because of the consistent Raises I tossed out to people. Even more great that a PLD I had been Raising and Curing managed to pull off Shadownhorn off of me after he chased me around the fortress a few times (which, by the way, was NOT fun). Ah, how I love team work!

So you’re probably wondering, “Well, what did you do this weekend Cala?” Pretty much Campaigns to get my WHM to 60, get back EXP lost from culling Yagudo in “A Manifest Problem”, and try to ease some tension that seemed to be building up. I don’t know, it just seemed so relaxing to finally kick back and have fun on Sunday, and I was really elated to just have fun without worry. Next week, we plan to play as DNC for awhile. I guess we’re taking a longer break than planned, but I honestly don’t mind. It feels great to just breathe and do other things that this game has to offer. Something I don’t often get to do during the weekday. Well, with the exception of last week when I went online to do things with Reiokyu. Who, despite my relentless pokings and such, has been a great support and friend to me lately. Which makes having to chase him down twice for a Raise II worthwhile. If it were Hiroshiko on the other hand… /dance 2 on Hiroshiko’s corpse!

9 thoughts on “The War Rages On

  1. T-T You’d dance on my corpse? But I’m a fellow support job junkie! Anyways, it looks like I need to catch up in WotG. It’s starting to look a lot more interesting (I was interested but now I’m more curious). Hopefully I can get my BLM done soon so I can focus on WHM and maybe even SMN. I’m glad to see you’re enjoying yourself. ^^ (but don’t let your feet enjoy my corpse XD)

  2. You need to get it done and come with out on Campaigns. Will be a lot more fun to get us out there together as a group. :)

  3. Meh , on campaign i just……..melee on all jobs I go there as. You get more exp, seriously. If you can duo and co tank it’s even better!
    Always go there with kerb and getting hueg amount of exp :D

    Been /seaing you some time, never found you online D:::::: Want to add you to FL!

  4. If I melee as WHM then I get worse than if I just main heal and buff. That or I die a lot more. ;o; I am hoping that as BLU it will be a little bit better since I just wanted to accomplish getting WHM to 60 before going off to work on other things.

    :o When I come on, I will /sea you too. I come on usually late on weekdays if I ever come on. ;o;

  5. It helps to be above level 60 with club skill capped I heard some WHM’s saying. <__>; (Still got capped xp though. Counter build + Counter Stance + Focus + Hundred Fists + Alpha Gnole Anders 2 hour = Insane output of damage.)

    P.S. I found the picture of the dhalmel with the elvaan head attached…shame on you and Orophen for bringing that up. XD

    P.P.S. Oh my…its a working .dat too D:

  6. That reminds me of the dhalmel NM that does hundred fists. You don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for it XD.