My return to noobdom

No screenshots this week due to technical difficulties. Of which has sent me reformatting my computer and clicking my fingers on the desk, waiting for a working XP key from P1.

Anyway, despite the technical difficulties, I personally had a blast the last Saturday. I’m sure Mekare, Reiokyu, and Orophen would say otherwise after I had dragged them to hell and back after re-visiting my noob days. Am I over exaggerating? HAH! I wish I was! In fact, it makes me smile even more broadly knowing that I’m not kidding and that I actually put everyone through hell personally. So, what exactly is my crime? Well, we were supposed to do a low level party of level 10 characters… of which I thought would be fun to start off in a WotG zone. Remember those jokes about killer rabbits? Oh how that rang true when we tried to take them down in the past! They are just tough bunnies! They are rabbid, blood sucking, killer bunnies! That hit you for a KABILLION health points each hit!

So, after that, I dragged everyone out to La Theine Plateau to fight crabs. We were fine and dandy until we ran into a BST and uh, had trouble with getting enough mobs. So we ran a loop around, and then I had this bright idea. Now, this is where I often get into trouble. I get a bright idea and then BAM! We either die or someone is probably wishing I would. Which, to be honest, I don’t blame them for. At any rate, we headed off to the “secret” area where the funguars, killer bees, and bats lie. I drop down, excited that we will be raking in the EXP when… OMFG! The funguars! They are attacking meeeeeeee~! I tell Orophen to run. He fails. I tell Reiokyu to run to the caves. He runs… further into despair. Mekare is probably laughing her head off and thinking how the hell I got to 75 in the first place.

Orophen deserves a lot of hugs, cuddles, and kisses, too, because he died countless times trying to tank. Don’t ask what job, don’t ask the circumstances… just know he died and wouldn’t come back because I danced on his corpse. Which, to be frank, I took much offense over since I reserve the right to dance on corpses as I please. After all, I am the future dictator of Vana’diel!

This week I will be out of town and wandering downtown Seattle attending Sakura Con. Orophen will be with me and Reiokyu should have been there but he decided he was too mad with me to bother to attend. :( Penny Arcade people will be there, SSBB tournament will be held, tons of anime will be on view, and I will be trying to kick Orophen’s ass over at Game Works! I’ll be back April 1st and will be here for the remainder of the week since I’ll be off of work due to Spring Break. (^o^)/

edit: Dead Fantasy II is finally out!

3 thoughts on “My return to noobdom

  1. Hey now, we all know that there were other conditions as to why I did not make it out to Sakura Con this year. ^_^;

    Have fun at Sakura con there.

  2. Jowah: lol Yah, even I forgot to take a screenshot of us! ;o; Kind of sad, considering at one point we kept running into each other!

    Reiokyu: ;o; Attend in 2010 since next year I am still iffy on my attendance due to it being on a week of holy obligation for me.