BLU Level 53-54

Camp: Garlaige Citadel (Basement Level)
Targets: Funnel Bats, Chamber Beetles, Fallen Mage, Fallen Major
Spells to have handy: Jettatura, Bludgeon, Cold Wave

Alternate Camp: Quicksand Caves (Enter J-9 from Western Altepa Desert)
Targets: Helm Beetles and Anticans (**See note below**)

Going to try a different format that will most likely be found on past BLU related EXP entries on a later date. No images since FRAPS has not yet been installed on my laptop and I have not yet reformatted my desktop.

Getting straight to the point: I’m sick to death of the Citadel now. We’ve been here for awhile, and we can’t seem to leave just yet because the other camps are either over camped or the mob levels are too high for our small party. We’ll be stuck here for awhile, but hopefully we can move onto other mobs sooner or later…

Okay, so things to note: Gravitation renkei is your friend. MP Drainkiss for MB? Even better! Try to do this as often as possible, as we have been able to net a little over 100 MP magic bursts at time. Personally, we loved to SC with Sickle Slash and if you are able to boost up your DEX or have naturally high DEX (like Mekare did), then you can watch your damage soar close to 400 on that spell alone. Jettatura is a great spell to have to buy your team mates some time if they are handling an add from a low level bat or if the mob is just causing you some grief when trying to cast Utsusemi. Its part of functioning together to make things work well in your favor, and it did quite often for us when we were handling adds and what not.

Now, in a previous post I talked about swapping out Bludgeon for another spell. For undead, however, I decided to quickly swap it in for some quick, easy damage when I was waiting for other spells to finish their recast timers. It sucks to have to spam spells, but with undead… we don’t have much of a choice since a tiny mishap can help expedite a death. On the other hand! They die quickly and we get lots of delicious EXP in return!

There is an alternate camp, but even though we came here first… we were bullied out by the other party who went on top of us. It was very frustrating, but there isn’t much we can do when they have 6 people and we only have 3. Anyway, if future trios decide to come to this area, make sure to bring Echo Drops and everyone should have the ability to SILENCE the mage type Anticans! This isn’t an option, this is mandatory. And even then? You’re totally taking a gamble on them because it is not even 50% chance that the Silence will last more than 1 minute. You’ll be lucky as hell if it does! If you actually brave it against this type of Antican, prepare to have enough TP to kill it off fast before it kills you! We actually had to run like crazy because we learned the hard way how our Silence isn’t very effective against them. :

4 thoughts on “BLU Level 53-54

  1. Your new layout is so lovely <3! I really like it!

    And blu! :D Spotted ya! Good luck in leveling it, that job is so awesome but uhhhhh…learning spells is terrible D:! That’s why i’ll probably never do it.

  2. Yeah, kind of worried about future spells because they seem like it would be harder to learn. ;o; Then again, I have had bad experiences with those mobs and it makes me want to /cry. ;o;

  3. I’m glad you guys kinda found a camp after so long (I hate GC… 4 deaths in a row is no fun >.<). Hopefully other parties won’t bully you guys out because you’ve all worked so hard. I’m surprised you guys could handy Antica as well as you did because they have so many status effects (Petrify sucks even if it only lasts like a few seconds and Silence is always a pain). Hopefully we can coax Makai to level at least his RDM sub to 30, but he’s lazy/busy I guess. :P

  4. Well, tell my brother that I can always use the Sprout Beret on him so that I can bump down to his level…

    As for Antica, it is fucking hard as hell. You are taking a total gamble on them, but at the time we had no choice. : Sometimes we did well and one time… yeah. It was a nightmare. >_<; Still, it was fun and kind of interesting to try to push ourselves to go that far. :3