Version 2: FIGHT!

Version 2 of doink! is finally up! After over a year hosted on my domain, it has finally a new look to go with its belated anniversary on Things are still being worked out and fixed up and not everything is up, but… its at least there! The layout is currently much larger than the past layout, so if you are currently having trouble viewing this page then feel free to check out my original FFXI blog on Livejournal:

Many thanks to Orophen/Derrick who put a lot of hard work into making this layout and putting up with my fickleness! He also tried very hard to make this out in time for my birthday, but failed by a few days. But its ok because I still love him! <3

2 thoughts on “Version 2: FIGHT!

  1. OMG wow!!! I’m speechless. I wasn’t sure how you could top a giant mandy but this takes the cake. ^^ Oro/Derrick did a very, VERY nice job. I like how he incorporated our LS into it. This is a talent. ^^ Happy belated birthday Cala. (I’m so sorry once again for forgetting T-T *sulks in corner again*)

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