The world is ending!

I know we have all poked at and laughed at S-E. Even though we knew certain additions or changes could have helped us for the many years some of us have been playing, we kind of just gritted our teeth and bared with it when those changes never took place. Now, as the game is headed through the geriatric stage, S-E has finally decided it was worth implementing the following:

Nomad Moogles in Selbina and Mhaura
Supply Quest Records
Item Autosort Function

If it weren’t for the fact I’m already tired as heck (been awake since 4:45 A.M.), sick, and still depressed over the fake out over the new MMO Orophen mentioned to me yesterday? I would be hitting my head on the table a few times asking what the bloody hell took them so long.

3 thoughts on “The world is ending!

  1. ~huggles Cala~
    Sorries that i wasn’t on much during the weekend… my computer kinda ‘sploded. I was actually in the middle of telling Hiro that my computer had been giving me trouble, then everything froze and that was the end of my computer =(. I have a friend that’s going to come by and look at it, so hopefully i’ll be gtg before the weekend.
    I’m really sorry to hear that you’re still not feeling well. I’m still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers =).
    P.S. YAY for ideas that are like 5-6 years too late!!! Maybe improved lvl 1 stuff is next!

  2. Yeah, you don’t wanna know how bad my tonsils are. Its just… gross. Really, really gross. *hugs Meka* :3 I miss you though. ToT Hopefully I can see you this weekend. :3

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