OMG He leveled up!

After being diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and uh… diagnosed again… the doctor speculated I had mono. I don’t know what to believe in anymore, but I do know I was feeling much better this weekend save for the back pain I suffer once in awhile.

At any rate, I have been trying to scramble to do as many Campaigns as I can to get back my medals and to level up my WHM. It has sometimes failed by the Campaigns either ending by the time we get there or disconnecting just minutes before the Campaign ended. We also lauded the return of my brother back into the gaming and *gasp* LEVELING up. It was the marking of the end of the world seeing this, but I guess it was sooner or later before the apocalypse had to come.

I didn’t stay on for as long as I wanted to, however, due to health reasons, but I managed to get a bit done before my MRI on Saturday and then watch as my desktop’s wireless connection choked, gurgled, and then died when trying to update FFXI. Seems like I will be playing and working on my laptop a little bit longer than I anticipated…

Anyway, I want to Congratulate Hiroshiko on graduating from High School and being accepted to Howard University! Its a big achievement for such a little guy who used to cower in fear in my presence. Oh how did his knees quake when he saw me looming over him oh so many years ago. If only I had dangled him from the tree then… then maybe I would have had a more obedient pet to add to my lineup.

5 thoughts on “OMG He leveled up!

  1. Congratulations on feeling better there Calaera. Good luck on the whole leveling in campaign kind of thing. Been just maintaining campaign rank here.

    Wow, you are kind of mean to Hiroshiko aren’t you? ^_^;

  2. What? No way. That’s me being nice. Me being mean is ignoring his presence. Which I COULD do if that is what you really want…

  3. I had mono D: It’s really awful when i had it x.x one whole month being sick,+ 1 and half at home waiting my blood analysis to come back ok.

    ……….good thing of that is the fack i lost so many KGs back then. I need another mono NOW, too bad its impossible D:

    And gratz Hiro :D!

  4. Thank you Cala for that um… “warm” congratulations. I’ve just gotten around to reading this post. I was just as surprised at seeing Makai online again… almost had a heart attack. O.o; Now only if he’d be consistent.

    I hope you feel better (mono? I think they’re really confused!) Btw I didn’t quake in fear at first… it was all the stories that Makai and the boys told me that made me quake… Then I realized how tall you were and how small I was. O.o;

    Reio: Please don’t encourge her XD LOL… that is her being nice to me.

    Jowah: Thank you for the congrats. ^^