Winter Redux

That basically sums up the insane weather I have been seeing in my state, with snows capping our mountains in June and cold temperatures that have forced everyone to bring out their winter coats once again. I guess you can also say my lack of posting is also like the stillness of winter after snow has freshly fallen, but I’m here now waiting for spring or summer to make its debut (and for my sickness to go away… again).

I have recently decided to start up WoW again. It was mostly out of boredom and concern for my best friend whom I hadn’t seen in awhile. I got hooked back into it, and have played more often than I should have thanks to seasonal blues. I’m an Ally this time around, and a Hunter since I couldn’t find a race I could jive with to be my Rogue. Night Elfs are weird looking and they partially look like clowns, Humans look like gorillas to me, and the other races are too short (yeah, this coming from a Taru lover). I still have my BE Rogue, which I plan to level up to catch up to friends so that we can play when we want more lovey-dovey time with the three of us.

As for FFXI, I am foaming at the mouth with excitement for the new update. I’m extremely eager for the new missions and quests, and I kind of want to see Reiokyu do the can can for everyone. We have also leveled our BLU separately for Reiokyu’s sake, so that we can at least get 55 and be ready to march on ahead with Anniversary and Emperor bands. The only problem in that seems to get in the way is Mekare’s computer and my bouts of illness. I tried to push myself today, but even checking my mail in WoW was exhausting and I’m already starting to get towards my limit by typing this entry. Hah, if Orophen weren’t asleep right now I would probably be scolded at the moment…

3 thoughts on “Winter Redux

  1. Wow, way to paint me to be the bad guy. :P Just kidding.

    Sorry to hear that Seattle has had such mood swings with weather, seems like how it was here a few weeks back where I swear it was almost hailing one morning and about 84 the next day.

    Don’t make people hate you too much on hunter now, :P Albeit that info might be quite old. Good luck catching up with your friends and try not to have too much drunken fun…I mean…you can fall off of real high ledges in that game while drunk. ^_^;

    …campaign seems messed up again…in terms of ownership…it is almost like no matter what one does (Even orchestrated a small concentrated offensive)…we just can’t win for now. @_@; I guess expect fights in cities soon. :P

  2. Catching on some Blog readings here. Which state are u in… still snow? O.o and lol I know what u mean by reactivating WoW :) Not much interesting stuff these days in FFXI. Either you enjoy the new stuff or you don’t :D

  3. :X Washington. Thank goodness we’re finally reaching the “summer” part of our summer. Orz But now pollen is so bad that I end up having coughing fits and can’t breathe. No win situation here. :