BLU Level 55-58

Camp: Toraimarai Canal
Targets: Impish Bats, Fleshcraver, Mindcraver
Spells to have handy: Bludgeon, Smite of Rage, Geist Wall

To greatly reduce travel time, becoming a Certified Rhinostery Venturer and having a Rhinostery Certificate is a must! This allows you to gain access to the Canal from Windurst Walls and get to the camp within seconds! All we did was zone in, walk down the steps, and basically sat at the bottom of the steps as we pulled mobs to our camp.

This is a very nice, neat little spot and we were hardly bothered by anyone. The only thing to be wary of are the Flesh/Mindcravers. It is very easy for things to go wrong here, and there were times I was only able to survive because Orophen and Mekare were curing me both at the same time before I was dealt a killing blow.

Even at level 57, there were still some VT mobs lingering about before they finally reached a peak at level 58. All in all a great camp because of its location and shortened travel time. Some of our highest skill chains (combined with Magic Burst) would push 1,000 at this level, so it was pretty much fun to watch our damage fly in this area especially thanks to Undead Killer ability!

We now have two more levels to get before we reach 60, and that should take us too long since we have six more charges left on our Anniversary Ring and Colibri are now our target mob for levels 58+. ^-^ So here’s hoping we get to level 60 next weekend!

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  1. Almost fullAF tiem! Should whore some EXP this month and get 75 before next patch update! BLU AF2 looks so stylish … i like the boots!
    And i’ll keep in mind that camp, thank you :o

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