Tip of the Day: NO CYBERING IN EXP ZONES (doink! edition)

So, on one of the FFXI LJ communities I help to moderate, they were talking about the most WTF moment ever experienced in the game. Readers of doink! who have been following me since my days on Livejournal may remember this one. I still remember getting tells about this screenshot in game because of how WTF worthy it was (or maybe still is).

I’m going to link the image, but do not click and read it if you don’t LIKE explicit stuff. Its NC-17, NOT SAFE FOR WORK, or anyone who has just eaten food. So… you ready? Ok. Here it is.

I don’t know why, but whenever I remember this screenshot or when I remember seeing this person’s name in game? I always felt as though I was somehow being molested. srsly. -_-;

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