BLU Level 61-62 and A Pirate’s Life is for Me!

Camp: Bhaflau Thickets
Targets: Lesser Colibri
Spells to have handy: MP Drainkiss

Extra EXP Gained: Farming, Assaults, and Campaign

What? We’re still here? Why, yes, we are. With the addition of Level Sync, however, we have played with different setups by adding Reiokyu (MNK) and Hiroshiko (WHM), doing a low level sync with Hiroshiko’s RDM, or meeting up with my brother with his BLM and Hiroshiko’s WHM. It has gone rather smoothly, and the ONLY time we had a death was when I pulled a noob move after not knowing that a mob was being slept because of aggro and NOT because it was being pulled to fight. Er, yeah. That whole communication thing needs to be worked out. By the way, I still claim my right to complain when partying with Mekare, Reiokyu, and Orophen! According to Reiokyu and Orophen, I no longer have the right to complain after trying so hard to steal hate from Reiokyu only to get a measly 400+ on Death Scissors in our little party. Pfbt.

This past weekend we were also able get Salvage access for myself, Orophen, and Hiroshiko. If anyone is looking for a cute little WHM on the Ragnarok server, please feel free to ask Hiroshiko. He’s reliable and pudgy after eating so many pies and cookies. Damn us obese Taru! D; He needs to switch to the sushi diet! Orophen and I would love to do Salvage, but if my co-worker has it her way… I may end up finding myself in Seattle working from REALLY early until late. I don’t know yet, but I’m actually hoping I do since I could use more monies. :(

We would also like to re-welcome our friend, Rangeki! He was an Elvaan known as Teppei before being forced to leave FFXI, joined WoW for a few weeks, and then decided recently to rejoin FFXI as a Tarutaru. Hopefully he will stay longer this time!

3 thoughts on “BLU Level 61-62 and A Pirate’s Life is for Me!

  1. Hurray another doink! update. ^^ These level sync parties are so much fun even though all I do is get reminded how much damage I DON’T do. LOL You need to hold back more Cala. Black Coffin was fun (stupid Gessho). Also, welcome back Rangeki… hopefully his new laptop will cut down on the d/c. ^^

    P.S. I’m not pudgy… I’m just squishy. D:

  2. D; Hold back more!? Wut!?! I already swing my sword around most of the time, and you want me to hold back MORE!? Pfbt! Go level a melee job peon!