We came and then we were conquered

I pity da fool!

Whenever I think back to CoP 6-4 I will always remember it to be a mission that led us the to greatest “HAH! GOTCHA!” scheme I had ever fallen for. Even now a strong bitter taste resonates in my mouth as I reminisce over what had transpired that evening and how much of the LS bank money went down the drain that night.

This is what happened, and how it will probably take us another month before we can attempt this mission again.

As of late, the CoP set has been put on hold due to my brother’s band practices. The set is often arranged to meet on a Saturday, but that is often when my brother is either in practice, at a competition, or catching up on the sleep he had been missing out during the rest of the week. This past Saturday was a rare chance of a break for him, and I really wanted to try to do a test run on the airship battle. I had set it up so that we would be leveling first and then doing the run after my brother had caught up on some sleep.

We went in on a dry run, knowing that at best we might just get through most of the Mammets and wipe. We went in and we actually did much better than anticipated. We blasted through Mammets and actually managed to bring Omega down more than half without any use of meds! We were really proud of ourselves and thought it would be a cake walk to do the mission if we were loaded on medicines and other items. Which was probably where we went wrong…

After spending awhile buying out the AH of Yagudo Drinks, medicines, etc, we prepped up and jumped right in. Then things went down hill… for some reason the very last Mammet was stuck on Transmogrification for the longest time. It seemed to last forever and ever and ever. Then when he got out of it, he quickly put it back on himself and the vicious cycle resumed from there. We thought we were still fine and moved onto Omega. We had a wipe at 30% and regrouped but it took us awhile to take him down. By the time we finished we had about 13 or 14 minutes left on the clock to fight Ultima. I’m not sure if we panicked or what here, but at one point Reiokyu went down due to lack of healing. When that happened well… all hell broke loose.

We had yet another wipe and were hoping to rest up and just spam Ultima with self skill chains, AM, 2hours, and the works. We had even gotten over raise sickness when… we were ejected out of the BC and given a Time’s up! notice. It was really frustrating and disheartening since we were so close, but didn’t have enough time to pull off what we needed to. It will be awhile till we can even attempt this again, so I doubt we will go over what we need to do to come out more successful the second (real) time around.

In the meantime we plan to recoup our finances and refill the LS bank which is already coming by very smoothly. We have quite a bit of money now, and will hopefully be able to tackle those freakish boogers sometime in November or December. Here’s hoping it will be sometime next month and not in December.

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  1. Only weekend I will not be able to make it for sure on in November is 14 to the 16th.

    Not so sure what happened on Ultima, besides a lot of potions lost due to paralysis toward the part where I died there…that flame breath was quite a bit stronger than the others. XD

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