Going Back to School

For many months, I knew I was going to go back to school in some capacity. I had been considering it and decided that I was going to go ahead and go through with it. I’m fairly excited about going back to school with the exception of the fact that I am still uncertain about the future and what my second career path would be (although I am VERY keen on doing Nursing to some capacity…) down the road.

I am currently taking a math course that I had originally took ten years ago (hah!) and an English class I had miraculously not taken during my time there (I was fairly certain I had taken a good portion of them). More courses will be taken as I figure out exactly what I want to focus my realm of studies in and when I feel I have a solid footing of looking at books again.

Now if only the Magic 8 Ball could accurately tell me what kind of career is the right fit for someone like me…