Time to make sushi fresh from the sea!

After beginning a journey that started many years ago, I never imagined myself finally reaching to this area. It seemed like a pipe dream then, and now to be here and closer to completing CoP is not only amazing but it brings back so many memories of the journey to this point.

I started out just wanting to get Promyvions done and then thought of getting sea done with friends, watched it fall apart, and then brought back together again with a different set of people who are still very dear friends or loved ones. Even though I completed it after all the adjustments that supposedly made things easier, it was still quite a bit of work to get it done since many times we had to deal with different schedules, real life problems, leveling jobs, and other problems that could have dissolved our group due to long wait times.

Last Saturday, I actually cried when we finished Chapter 7 and found ourselves in the midst of mutated sea creatures and pink fluffy clouds. It was hard to believe we were there or that I had gotten that far not with random strangers but my friends who have stuck it out even when I was a rambling bitch.

We started off Saturday’s events not during our usual time but later in the day due to a hair appointment that would have interrupted the events if we had gone earlier. I gathered the boys early for the runs when I returned, thanking the heavens for the creation of text messaging since it means I have my boys on a chain that I can yank at any time I please. We took down the NMs before the BIG fight of the chapter, with a little trouble here and there thanks to my hastiness and such. At least we had no deaths and great fun was to be had by all (except Hiroshiko who most likely wet his pants during the incident in Carpenter’s Landing).

When Mekare came on, we were all getting ready to fight Tenzen. Unlike missions past, we all decided to go all out. We nixed the BLU jobs and decided to go as the highest jobs we could or the jobs we had that could deal the most damage against Tenzen. Our set up was BRD (me), WHM, BLM, WAR, RNG, and MNK. It went by smoothly, although I could have sworn Hiroshiko was going to pass out at any moment with how many cures he needed to toss out during the short battle. It was very straight forward, with me using SV and Troubadour and people tossing in 2hrs when appropriate. I kind of wished we had Tenzen’s head on a pike after the battle, but eh… I guess having sea is supposed to be better.

After we toured sea a bit, got the map, and I had my head chewed out by UFOs that wanted to suck my brains out of my toes and have my pigtails become their new mustache… we topped off our night doing Assaults so that Orophen and I could finally get Potent Belt!

I just hope the next time we go to sea, someone won’t decide to let me become guppy food…

6 thoughts on “Time to make sushi fresh from the sea!

    Hay J/k :) but its nice that you got touched. I did too at one point!

    Gratz at Sea! I love sea and I hope you will enjoy it too! Now just gotta think about farming Obis :D lawl

  2. ^^ You got a great picture! Mine wasn’t so great because it was hard to get Reio’s head in the picture (Curse of being the shortest Taru ever! D:) Sea has officially become my favorite zone! I’m so proud of all of us sticking it out and getting this far. Yes, I did have a few quiet panic attacks during Tenzen and Carpenter’s Landing (that BLM Tonberry had a grudge against me and trying to get debuffs on Tenzen before someone bit the dust was hard >:D!)

  3. Hey i cried over game some times too!
    CONGRATULATIONS :3 Sea is love and im happy you finally reached it!
    Now, to finish the whole thing, Promathia fight is sooooooo awesome and I wont mind redoing it <.< (yes i can help anytime LOL)

  4. Well sorry if I was busy panicking over UFO’s to see a sea shark attacking you. :X (Well, I actually could not see part of the time since I was having fun with first person view and all I really saw was a blue flash as I whipped and turned around) >_>;

    1. See blue flash.
    2. Fumble around until back in 3rd person view.
    3. Thinking it was engaged by Mekare or Orophen.
    4. See only Orophen about.
    5. *Insert panic here after turning chat log back on and seeing text*
    6. ???
    7. Realize that I have to look that much harder for a Christmas gift now. <_<;;