Trapped in a Parallel Dimension

Since getting my BRD to 75, I’ve often wished I had enough time in the day to do end game things. Alas, when I get home its usually 8:25 and then I unwind or do homework, and weekends are the times when I often have religious obligations and have the desire to do things with my friends. So I’m REALLY happy to finally find a Dienamis Dynamis LS that seems ok with me missing some runs because of my obligations and has most of my friends in it.

It is mostly a start up shell, and we’ve just done two runs so far in Jeuno and Bastok. It is kind of a little boring as BRD, but I’m still happy to do something with my BRD instead of letting it rot in its little corner. But being in the shell is more incentive for me to push BLU to 70+ since I REALLY want BLU Relic (I’m in love with its color scheme).

But all in all, I feel as though I’ve been pretty busy in FFXI when I’m able to log on. Awhile ago I was able to get Assault Jerkin with Mekare, Orophen, and Hiroshiko and then thanks to everyone’s help in joining me in Campaign I managed to get another medal rather easily. I’m slowly shooting to catch up to everyone else, and it makes it easy since I usually need to either a.) cap my BRD exp after Dynamis or b.) try to level BLU when I only have a short time available to me. At the same time, I need to be very careful about spending too much time on the game on weekends now since I just have a little over a month before I finish my Montessori teacher training… ._.; Wish me luck?

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