New Banner/Layout v3

We’re still working on the final version, but we tossed something up because it seems people miss giant mandy when she’s gone. ;x This time its not a giant mandragora, but a scene taken out of Azumanga Daioh. I haven’t gotten that far into the series to have seen this part but Derrick/Orophen has and I still thought it was funny and cute. Real banner will come when it comes… we already have some ideas but we’re settling on the continuation of the battle between Calaera and her dream HNM Mandragora. <3 Now if ONLY S-E would realize just how much we need a giant Mandragora wrecking chaos in the game. IF ONLY.

4 thoughts on “New Banner/Layout v3

  1. Jowah says: AWESOME!
    I really like this version :3 Nice twitter integration, might steal that for my rl journal…….<.

  2. @Kimiko
    o.o; Its a good theme. I actually wanted Elegant Boxes, but the boyfriend felt this was better. I dun care as long as it does what I want it to do and has cute banners. ;3

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