BLU Level 62-65

Camp: Mount Zhayolm (J-8), Campaign, Gustav Tunnel (I-9 second map), Spell Hunting
Targets: Magmatic Eruca (Mount Zhayolm), Various (Campaign), Robber Crab & Doom Undead (Gustav Tunnel)

Ok, so this is me officially catching up on the BLU leveling entry. Basically at one point I was trying to help Orophen (BLU), Mekare (BLU), and Makai (BLM) catch up and had to go as BRD here in order to try to balance things out. It was kind of ugly being in Mount Zhayolm with our set up, but at least some people gained a level and that is all that really mattered in the end.

At this point Mekare and Orophen had given me the OK to basically level up in Campaign and they had done the same. I gained a level or two in Campaign to help me get medals so that I can catch up to everyone else and also get access to gear I wanted. At level 64, we partied again together with just the three of us in Gustav. The Gustav exp kind of sucked for me, but was fine for Orophen. Note: you need to be REALLY careful about blood aggro. The room next to you has a TON of undead mobs and we actually pulled one with blood aggro when we didn’t realize we had moved too close to the other end of the room.

I’m going to make the comment here that if by now people haven’t managed to learn how to manage MP, things kind of suck in terms of being able to chain. Or, in our case, don’t piss off your other party member. We had a spat here and things kind of went down here between two of us, but that’s done and in the past.

As for 65? Well two out of three of us currently have it. Mekare and I happened to get some of it from Campaign and then I finished some more of it off by getting EXP off of monsters we are hunting for spells.

This weekend we plan on leveling again, but I have a feeling we might be trying out FoV for the higher levels next month for the upcoming April update. Definitely looking forward to it! Especially with added Refresh and all~

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