BLU Level 15-18

There are times when I am little ashamed for not planning things out very carefully and end up yanking people from point a to m, z, and then to f. We had started out the day with the intention of leveling BLU to make up for yesterday’s inability to do so due to Orophen’s connection being down. We were in Carpenter’s Landing, when I had realized to look at the moon phase. What for? Why, for Rogetsurin, of course! With each of us alternating as pullers, and having no other ranged weapon, I thought it would be a great idea for each of us to become equipped with this piece. I spoke with Hiroshiko, and he agreed to help us get the item as long as we could get him one, too. After playing around in Carpenter’s Landing for awhile, he came to whisk us off to the Highlands and to start hunting down Bendigeit Vran (New Moon spawn). We had gone by two hours without any luck, and with Hiroshiko having to leave after the second round.

Before he had left though, he had power leveled us in the Dunes during the day time. During this time, we had incurred some nonsensical words from a non-subjobed BLM who was shouting something of Martin Luther King day being in support of BLM and not the BLU. We only found it amusing, as it happened soon after he had most likely checked each of us passing his party by. We went on our way but found that finding a camp spot was as frustrating as it was during our noob days, and that we had to settle for killing IT+ crabs, gobs, and the occasional fly.

We later decided to take out higher leveled jobs out to get Rogetsurin, and managed to get one each hour for each other. We hunted for Leaping Lizzy during the day time and after getting one Rogetsurin. It seemed like a lot of work, as I am sure the others were wanting to level up as much as I wanted to. Our work paid off, however, as we went immediately to heading back to Carpenter’s Landing and getting to level 16 with minimal effort. Upgrading our equipment and rearranging spells so that at least two of us had the Auto-Regen trait and the Healing Breeze skill equipped, we headed back to the Dunes. If there was one trouble this place brought, it was finding a place that had a consistent group of enemies that conned of equal value.

Our journey first started at the Oasis, then to the Outpost, to Siren Sands, and then to the nook at J-8. We found we were able to kill two IT+ crabs while using all of our MP. This is risky because there were times when spells were not hitting for as hard as they would on the mob of the same level and difficulty rating just minutes before. Its a gamble and the risk is high if you mismanage your MP or you have your second voker forgetting to Provoke. We were also able to take on VT Flies without the help of a secondary healer, but it helped immensely to have Healing Breeze and have the MP for it! I have to admit though, I wish that WHM healing spells were more on par with what a BLU is capable of. Its mind boggling to see my BLU healing magic do more than I remember my Cures being capable of at this level. While I enjoy BLU and the freedom it has given me and my friends, its still troubling to see it excel better in other areas than other jobs some of us have played.

-STR won’t stop me from leveling up! Hah!

I know its weird to say that now, but I suppose it is because I never really had the chance to see what BLUs were doing in the party setting. I was too busy juggling songs and pulling mobs as a BRD to really take notice of those finer details…

This last image is for my friend whom I like to poke and tease on occasion. ^_^ Its a joke of sorts between friends, but I had to post it to fulfill the promise I made him…

Reiokyu <3 Mekare