My last bout of freedom until April?

I am making a really hard choice here, but it has to be done unless I wish to pay my workplace back all of the tuition they paid for me attending training. Basically, unless I am checking plants or doing something that allows me to be AFK *most* of the time; I am not touching FFXI. Dynamis will be on hold next week, and I’m am crossing my fingers that BRD relic doesn’t drop or I’m going to cry like the big baby I am. Which is kind of ok, since my sister’s birthday will be next week and I KNOW I will get an earful if I choose to play a videogame over her.

Anyway, Dynamis-Windurst was a lot more fun compared to last week’s run despite being unable to get the clear for the second time in a row. Last week was just an utter mess for us, primarily due to someone being unable to listen to directions and standing on bridges when they weren’t supposed to and then demanding a R3 for every single time he died. The last half of the run was what really got us, but overall its been a lot of fun without the unnecessary stress from people wanting to cause chaos during a run. I even played in Dynamis with all of my settings still intact because I had forgotten to tone them down. It played rather smoothly, even with all the other edits I made to the registry to get it to look good awhile ago.

Now, for awhile I had made the edits but I didn’t really notice the difference as I often play with my brightness and contrast settings on my monitor down. My screen is bright as hell and it often hurts when its late or when I have a pounding migraine. So Saturday evening I finally raised it up and I was so surprised at how different the game really was! Haha. I just wish I knew what to do when the sky occasionally looks kinda… weird and patchy. It doesn’t happen all the time but it looks like that sometimes and tends to bug the heck out of me.

So, yeah. I need to stop messing around and actually get my work done. -_-;

3 thoughts on “My last bout of freedom until April?

  1. You will learn to deal with lack of time ;) like i did!
    Just you have to sacrifice yourself a little bit with less sleep if you care enough~

    And those DYna screenies are scary x.X;

  2. @Jowah
    Naah, already have too many health problems. Need to get as much sleep as I can squeeze in since I usually get just 5 – 6 hours. Plus I get easily distracted and will end up wanting to play more. So gonna just stay away as much as I can so I can focus on this because RL is much more important.

  3. Guess i’m going to be taking a break too… I logged on to a lovely “Username and Password Incorrect” screen… then after an hour of tech support calls, i got my password changed just to find Meka standing naked in windy… I’m feeling sick, angry, and sad all at the same time. I never gave my info to anyone, updated my virus scan regularly, and changed my password ever couple of months. Right now i’m waiting on an email for an account recovery application and i’m praying they can actually recover me… If not, i guess i’m going to take an early retirement from FFXI.