FAQ About the Security Token

After reading some comments about the Security Token, I can’t help but be utterly confused as to why there is such resistance against the attempt to add on security with this device. Maybe its the fact people would have to buy it? I know some people feel its enough to just use Firefox, its add ons, and a firewall. Personally, I don’t feel safe enough just using those if I am on my laptop and roaming around. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I think to me its like safe sex with some random stranger you are hooking up with (my analogy for hooking up my laptop to various Wi-Fi hot spots)? Better safe than sorry! Which is especially true after I had my credit card info stolen late last year… /sigh

Anyway, Advetures of a Taru BLM by vxsote on Livejournal has written up an excellent FAQ concerning the Security Token. I think its worth a read for those who still have questions about the Security Token or just to read in general. Probably the few things I am worried about is: battery and what to do if it gets out of sync. Though I guess as vxsote has said, it will probably suck to be me given S-E’s track record. :

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