Are my expectations too high?

I was about to rant and rave about my expectations on other players in end game since this is my third time rewriting this entry, but… then I figured, maybe they are too high. Maybe it is too much to expect a panel of 4 – 5 leaders to actually take their own rules seriously and take care of the problematic people whom they themselves are aware about, to think that refreshing a single BLM is not too much trouble, that BLMs and anyone who has MP should be subbing /SCH so that the RDM doesn’t have to Refresh them, that WHMs should be meleeing in Dynamis, that it IS ok to dual box in Dynamis despite rules stating otherwise, and that people shouldn’t be getting hurt at all in Dynamis because the RDM doesn’t want to be burdened with having to always Cure people.

I think instead of me chasing down mages from now on to give them Ballads, I am going to sit on my fat cream puff’ed ass and just wait for THEM to get to ME. -_-;  /sarcasm

Anyway, I wanted badly to get that rant off my chest. I will probably write something later on about my BLM exploits~

6 thoughts on “Are my expectations too high?

  1. I felt the same way about my old dyna linkshell — rules and even common sense hings, like “be nice to people,” were too much for the leaders to handle. Hopefully things gt better for you!

  2. @Kimiko
    It’s not the leadership of the LS that’s wanting all those things, it’s “problematic people” who are behaving that way and the leadership isn’t doing much about them despite being aware of the problem.

  3. WOW /SCH ON BLM MAIN? I MEAN WTF!!?!??!?!?
    Sure we LOVE to give up on gravity and stoneskin and blink suuuuuuuuuuure!

    What dyna LS is that? Me and kerb gonna punch the leader(s) to death.

  4. @Jowah

    Nanihi (just a regular ol member) is the one telling BLMs to go /SCH on BLM main. -_- She is an awful RDM… poor attitude, stick up her ass, and doesn’t even really do what she is supposed to do as a RDM. But the leaders of PoC keep her around anyway and probably kiss her ass to boot. The leaders just let her ramble on and on… I kinda just don’t attend runs anymore. Have heavily considered joining another shell or just waiting till I get BLM to 75 and join an end game shell. :

  5. Ah, I had a feeling it was about her. Did not want to say anything until the name was explicitly said however. Was wondering why you guys were not attending runs with those guys as of late.