Mostly about BLM… and other stuff.

You know what BLM solo leveling (ok, more like duoing) is like? Its like leveling a job in WoW but the difference? I get to stay in one camp and not run around foaming at the mouth trying to find the other mob I need to kill for the x requirement or drop. The horrible thing is, in WoW I hardly paid attention to numbers. They were always conveniently hidden behind my chat box never to really make an appearance. In FFXI? I practically get hyper competitive when Orophen practically lands two unresisted Freezes in a row on double ice weather. BACK TO BACK.

… You don’t even want to know how ridiculously competitive I can be with my own boyfriend. Others have seen it and have seen just how blood thirsty I could be in order to dole out the highest amount of damage or purposefully take as much hate as possible just so I can laugh at him. <.<;

But in all seriousness, I have been kind of flustered as to how to handle my BLM macros. I currently have two books set; one is for leveling with my offense line changing depending on the camp/situation and another book is set for… everyday occurrences. I don’t even want to say what that second book looks like because its… quite cumbersome and ugly.

Its strange to be so confused about how to best handle my BLM macros. For BLU, BRD, and WHM… my books for those jobs are actually very nice, compact and allow for me to best do my job as I see fit. For BLM… I don’t even know where to begin with it! I’ve changed things around so frequently, its actually mind numbing to think of how to rearrange it to be better and more intuitive. Even now my head hurts trying to hammer out something that will work for me and not have me be so flustered as to where the hell my macros are.

Other gaming stuff? I am totally addicted to Pictobits. Sadly, you will need a DSi in order to play this little gem but it is quite fun if you have it and the points to burn. Basically its a puzzle game that forces you to think in advance and really plan out what you are going to do… fast. There are little blocks called bits that you can pick up with your stylus that you can then place anywhere you want to, but the object is to connect them with the larger colored blocks falling from above. As you clear the blocks, the clears fly up to the top window to reveal the hidden picture from retro Nintendo games! Its a lot of fun in short bursts, but I’ve sat and played it for a long time trying to get a higher score, lower my clear times, or get higher chains. Even the music is really cool and  even better? You can listen to the music (after you bought it with coins you won from clearing stages) with your DSi closed! Cheap puzzle game ($5) + Retro Nintendo = One Happy Girl. If they made this game into a multiplayer, I would totally pay the higher price! Sadly its only a single player but its still worth the 500 pts I spent on the game.

3 thoughts on “Mostly about BLM… and other stuff.

  1. What kind of set up do you have for blm macros? I always try to make my macro sets for each job only 10 total so it’s nice and compact, and have ES, highest tier of each nuke, double stacked sleep(ga)s, stun, drain, aspir, buffs, bind/gravity, dispel, and my two AM2s. Nice, neat, to the point…and rarely do I cast anything else, hehe. When I -aga 3, I just type it out and then hit the corresponding macro (eg blizzaga iii+blizzard iv for the correct gear/staff).

    And lol at trying to out DD your boyfriend…I’m totally the same way. I let him keep hate though because I stack on the enmity down gear while he uses enmity gear so I’m content to just out DD him ^__^

    Another thing that’s SUPER useful for BLM if you use windower and are ok with it is spellcast–I started using it well after I dinged 75 on BLM so I’ve done it without it, but it makes the job SO much more enjoyable.

  2. @Anexia
    Yeah, checked out Kanican’s entry on Spellcast and I might consider using it after I ding 75 because it does seem really useful.

    I think my problem was putting way too many spells up and in a very awkward way. >_<; My boyfriend told me not to, but I ignored him anyway because I was stubborn. I will probably go back (again) and edit it to something you suggested. :3 Thanks!