New Layout: Calaera vs. G. Mandy in Seattle

Of course, people who aren’t really familiar with Seattle would think “Where is the f’ing Space Needle or Pike’s Place Market?!” Well, this is also a very prominent feature in Seattle especially if you are like me and come in from the bay. This is the Seattle viaduct that you can see from the ferry as you come into Seattle and as you head into the heart of downtown either by car or by foot. Too bad its supposed to be going away soon because of the earthquakes, and will be replaced by some kind of underground tunnel. Ick.

The, uh, background is kind of being worked on at the moment (neither myself or Orophen are really happy with it), but… its finally done! I seriously hope that in FFXIV, they continue to bring in Mandragoras. I would hate to give up my epic fight with my arch nemesis…

3 thoughts on “New Layout: Calaera vs. G. Mandy in Seattle

  1. Omg i like it :>
    I agree with the background but the banner image is absolutely amazing
    BLM Team Pigtails GO!